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May 19, 2020

We seem to have managed to get into a groove in that we are doing our grocery shopping on Tuesdays. So Tuesday is our day to get out of the house.

The Governor of CA has loosened the stay at home restrictions a bit so that folks can get to the beach or other such foolishness. So Alberton’s seemed to be a good bit more crowded today.

The way we could tell other than the feeling of there being more people milling about was the check out line (see above). The check out line started at dairy section in the rear of the store, along the paper goods aisle to the check out lanes. Though, the line was moving fairly quickly. I got in line while Paula looked for a few more items.

I figure that we will be done with this pandemic thing when the paper goods aisle is fully stocked like it used to be in February. Only stuff available today was single rolls of TP and store brand kleenex boxes. No paper towels, no napkins, etc.

Meat, chicken and fish are fully stocked, as are produce. Perhaps people can’t figure out how to horde ground beef or fresh green beans.

We said hello to Dan in the dairy department (who we call “Dairy Dan”). Dan apologized profusely for not having any 1% milk. I asked if the 1% cows were on strike? So he gave us the fancy brand with a 1/2 price sticker.

We are continuing our practice of getting take-out at the Pacific Diner after we are done watching the online version of church. We had our tasty brunch at the overlook on Gaffey St and 36th.

View of LA Harbor from San Pedro


May 15, 2020

Not going anywhere today. Yesterday, we picked up a few things for Mary that the caregivers said she needed. Needed shampoo, body wash and diapers. Picked the stuff up at Ralph’s and headed over to Long Beach.

We can’t go in to visit. We just put her name on the bag and left in a tent outside the door. Called the caregiver that stuff was there and should be picked up.

Then we headed back to San Pedro to get takeout at Pacific Diner. Paula had a BLT and I had a club sandwich. I had wanted a tuna melt but they were out of tuna. Who runs out of tuna fish?

We picked up our food and headed up the hill to stop at the overlook on Gaffey with great view of LA Harbor.

I started a new book today that I got from the LA Public Library titled “Yogi” by John Pessah. Interesting.

So we’re just hanging out today. Doing laundry. Empty trash and recycling. Reading, crossword puzzles, etc.

BTW, did you know that public libraries allow you to download books for free? The app for the LA public library is called “Libby”. For my east coast friends, there is an app for the Boston Public Library. Click the link for the pointer to the App Store. Did I mention that it is free?

Mother’s Day

May 10, 2020

We started our Mother’s Day celebration early on Saturday. The staff at Regency Palms had arranged to have Mary down stairs where we could greet her through the glass so as to avoid spreading any virus to her or anyone also at the home.

Regency Palms has done a great job making sure that no one gets infected. Many other skilled nursing facilities have not done as well.

So Mike’s family joined us at 1:30 pm. Jonathan and Sarah worked on a greeting card for Mary. Unfortunately, we couldn’t leave it with her. But it is displayed on our refrigerator for all to see.

This is the first time that we have seen Mary for a few weeks. She is looking more frail and wobbly. We are not sure she understands all of the social distancing ideas that we are doing.

After we were done at Regency Palms, we headed home for a late lunch. Mike stopped at In’n’Out for burgers. We stopped at Starbuck’s for some iced coffees. It was really nice to see the grand-kids. We hadn’t seen them since the beginning of the pandemic. It was a nice day.

That’s all for now. Stay safe.



May 9, 2020

So we had to the grocery store to get a few things today. We had to wait in line to get in to the store. Ugh. Took us about 10-15 minutes to get inside. They’ve been sanitizing all of the grocery carts.

The paper good aisle is still pretty much empty.

So they have special hours for seniors, 6 AM to 7 AM. Are you kidding me. UGH! What retired person, 70 something wants to get up at 0 dark-thirty to do some shopping.

So once we got in we headed for the liquor section to get a box of white wine. We also went to the flower section to get a “Mother’s Day” balloon.

We will be going over to Mom’s place to wave to her. Each resident is given a time slot when we can come by and wave from the outside. Mike & Theresa will be coming with the grandkids.

So there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of beef and/or poultry,

Check out lines were about the same. About a 10-15 minute wait.

Last stop was to get ice cream cake for tomorrow night. Yummm.

Finally, we will get together with everyone for dinner tomorrow night.


May 3, 2020

Today is May 2. Where did April go? Getting a bit stir crazy here. So people are heading to the beach in spite of orders from the governor to stay home they are heading out.

We’re not beach persons so much, but the surfers don’t seem to care if they might get sick and die. Whatever.

So here’s what we did today. First, we watched Pastor Jacques at Oceanview Baptist do his sermon on the iPad. He was finishing up his work on the book of Nehemiah.

In normal times we would go out for brunch after church on Sunday at the Pacific Diner down on Pacific Ave in San Pedro. So today, I suggested to Paula that we call and order take-out. The diner is open for take-out. I ordered my usual bacon and eggs, Paula ordered an omelet. It was good to see the folks who work there.

Once we had our food we headed up the hill to stop at the overlook on Gaffey and 36th Street. On a clear day, one can see Catalina Island, LA Harbor or the mountains east of Los Angeles.

Apparently, we weren’t the only people that had that idea. The park across the street at the Korean Friendship Bell was closed and locked. Not the best view, but good enough. We got out our food and ate our meal.

Not sure what we’re going to do next week. Grocery shop on Tuesday. Zoom OES get together on Monday. Zoom Bible study on Wednesday.

Stay safe everyone. This too shall pass.



April 29, 2020

Wednesday we do a Zoom Senior Bible study. We finished up our work on Nehemiah. Didn’t go anywhere. No beach for us. I don’t particularly care for going to the beach. Too much sun, too much sand, too hot.

Today, I will be sharing some pictures from our deep dive into the Stanley archives.

Harold Stanley c 1926

The note on the back says Harold, age 7 after recovering from scarlet fever. What a nice looking young lad.

Mabel & Paul Stanley (Paula’s grandparents) c 1918

Wait, there’s more. Paula’s dad was always in the kitchen at Los Angeles Harbor Lodge. Harold was the person who got me interested in Freemasonry.

(L-R) Gus Olguin, Harold, Kyle Pascal cooking for lodge

One more and I’ll quit for today.

My truck. 1998 Dodge. pic taken 1999

That’s all for today. Stay safe.



April 28, 2020

It seems that has become our designated grocery shopping day. So we get out once a week to go grocery shopping.

So after hanging our for most of the morning, doing nothing much. Read the newspaper, did a couple of crosswords. We made our bed. Off we went to Albertson’s.

They are still sanitizing the carts when you go in. We got our usual drinks at Starbuck’s. Then, we started our shopping.

The store was not particularly crowded. The produce section was well stocked. So was the meat. We got some tilapia for dinner tonight.

They haven’t really caught up with soups and canned goods. We have been concerned about the meat section. We have been hearing on the news that some meat producers have shutdown.

Apparently, I have learned that there are two supply chains for meat. One for the grocery stores and one for the restaurant market. The closure of the restaurants has thrown that supply chain into a massive funk. I never thought much about the term “Supply Chains” until the pandemic. Click for more than you ever wanted to know.

So we headed down to the freezer section, first to get resupplied with ice cream. We have our priorities. We were checking out the Ben & Jerry’s section and lo and behold they had pints of “Netflix and Chill’d”. I figured I had died and gone to heaven. Here’s the Wikipedia entry. Click here for the link to the Ben & Jerry’s site.

Well the paper goods aisle is still pretty much empty. We got a couple of boxes of tissues for my occasional sniffle.

Still no shortage of wine, beer or liquor. In CA. grocery stores are allowed to sell beer, wine and liquor. I remember the days before an impending blizzard, where there would be lines at the local liquor stores. Mass, still doesn’t allow sales of beer, wine or liquor in supermarkets.

Not much of a line at the check out. They seem to be changing their policy of bringing your own reusable bags. All they have is paper bags that the charge for. Today, they said we could bring our bags but you have to pack them yourself. We usually do that anyways.

We are continuing our work of going through all the archives of photos left behind by Paula’s Dad and some of our pictures. Lots of Shrine pictures of people gone long ago. We took another load of trash in the shopping cart down to the trash room in the garage. I occasionally scan some of the pictures that are interesting and email to various people.

That’s all for now. Stay safe.



April 27, 2020

Good morning everyone. We are continuing our stay at home and we are doing well. We have not been sick. We are staying occupied. The archiving of our old photo albums is continuing.

This post is mostly about the books that I have been reading. Reading is one of my prime activities to conquer the boredom.

I read all of my books on my iPad’s Kindle app. I try to avoid buying the books. I check the Libby app (LA Library) for availability. Libby is a free app where one can download the books to your Kindle app for three weeks. They have a limited number of copies of any one book available for download. If the requests exceed the number of books, you get added to the waiting list. Beats paying $10-$15 to Amazon.

Sometimes, I find out about books from late night TV shows like “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Another source for me is “CBS Sunday Morning”. They interview authors about new books that are coming out. So I write myself a note to check out the book(s) to download later. I’ve often told Paula that I need to stop watching late night TV, too many books to read.

This is the story of lawyers who work on cases where inmates have been wrongfully accused of a crime. The fictional story is based on a real organization called “The Innocence Project” that works on proving innocence of inmates wrongfully convicted of a crime. Reading Grisham tends to be a page turner for me. It took me three days to read the book. When I was done, I sent it back to the Library, just like a paper book.

Next up (sourced from CBS Sunday Morning) are two books, both non-fiction about our current situation. First is a book titled “Quackery – A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything” by Lydia Kang, MD and Nate Pederson. I am doing this one first, because it was available for free from the Libby app. The title just about says it all.

Next up is a book titled “The Coming Plague” by Laurie Garrett. (Also, sourced from CBS Sunday Morning). Apparently, this is a popular book. I have put a hold on it with “Libby”. Expected wait time is six weeks. I probably won’t buy it for now. I’ll check back at Libby after I finish Quackery. Also available from Amazon.


April 24, 2020

Today we went out to do some errands. Traffic seemed to be pretty much back to normal. Plenty of cars on the 405. Long trains heading to the port of Los Angeles.

The Nissan odometer hit 11111 miles. We got word from our auto insurer that we will be getting a rebate. Woo hoo! Listening to KUSC, classical radio station

First stop was the ATM, so that we have cash to pay our cleaning lady on Monday.

Then, we headed over to Long Beach to drop off some adult diapers for Mary. We can’t go in to visit until the pandemic is done with us.

Stopped at Stone Age Pharmacy to buy come cannabis for attitude adjustment in the evening.

Time to buy gas for the Nissan. Price for regular was $2.47/gallon. This fill up will probably last until the end of May. Some of you who live back East might not think $2.47 is a great price, but it is here in Los Angeles. In February it was around $3.50

Last stop was In’n’Out burger for lunch. Double-Double with cheese and onions for me. Protein double-double for Paula. One order of fries to share.


April 22, 2020

Here we are on Wednesday. Just another day in paradise. We did our Zoom Senior Bible Study this morning.

Paula received a picture of Mary via email. We haven’t been able to go over to visit. They are on lockdown. Only staff and end of life visitors allowed in.

So the staff did “makeovers” for all the residents. Mary looked outstanding.

Here’s the picture.

Paula found some pictures taken at her graduation from nursing school (c. 1974)

She also found a stash of postcards from her travels back in the day. I will post some of them tomorrow.

That’s all for now. Stay safe.