It seems that has become our designated grocery shopping day. So we get out once a week to go grocery shopping.

So after hanging our for most of the morning, doing nothing much. Read the newspaper, did a couple of crosswords. We made our bed. Off we went to Albertson’s.

They are still sanitizing the carts when you go in. We got our usual drinks at Starbuck’s. Then, we started our shopping.

The store was not particularly crowded. The produce section was well stocked. So was the meat. We got some tilapia for dinner tonight.

They haven’t really caught up with soups and canned goods. We have been concerned about the meat section. We have been hearing on the news that some meat producers have shutdown.

Apparently, I have learned that there are two supply chains for meat. One for the grocery stores and one for the restaurant market. The closure of the restaurants has thrown that supply chain into a massive funk. I never thought much about the term “Supply Chains” until the pandemic. Click for more than you ever wanted to know.

So we headed down to the freezer section, first to get resupplied with ice cream. We have our priorities. We were checking out the Ben & Jerry’s section and lo and behold they had pints of “Netflix and Chill’d”. I figured I had died and gone to heaven. Here’s the Wikipedia entry. Click here for the link to the Ben & Jerry’s site.

Well the paper goods aisle is still pretty much empty. We got a couple of boxes of tissues for my occasional sniffle.

Still no shortage of wine, beer or liquor. In CA. grocery stores are allowed to sell beer, wine and liquor. I remember the days before an impending blizzard, where there would be lines at the local liquor stores. Mass, still doesn’t allow sales of beer, wine or liquor in supermarkets.

Not much of a line at the check out. They seem to be changing their policy of bringing your own reusable bags. All they have is paper bags that the charge for. Today, they said we could bring our bags but you have to pack them yourself. We usually do that anyways.

We are continuing our work of going through all the archives of photos left behind by Paula’s Dad and some of our pictures. Lots of Shrine pictures of people gone long ago. We took another load of trash in the shopping cart down to the trash room in the garage. I occasionally scan some of the pictures that are interesting and email to various people.

That’s all for now. Stay safe.


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