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Update on Mary

April 12, 2014

First the good news. Mary’s shoulder continues to improve. She is doing PT twice a week in outpatient rehab facility in San Pedro. Sometimes Paula takes her and sometime I get the job. She isn’t driving yet. We hope that she doesn’t get to drive again. She really needs someone at her side to catch her if she stumbles. Another fall could kill her. She stills has some shoulder pain. Some days are better than others. Dr. prescribed an NSAID for the pain. It seems to help.

Now the bad news. Her mental facilities have been fading of late. She certainly knows who Paula and I are. But some times she is confused as to what day it is.

For example, today she slept most of the afternoon. She got up at about 5:30 PM. She says to me, “I don’t usually wake up this early in the morning”. I try to gently tell her that it is 5:30 PM not AM.

Often times she will ask several times what day it is and what we are doing for the day. She sometimes forgets what we did an hour ago. We will watch the local news. Afterwards, she will ask if we can watch the news.

Paula will be taking her for her high school reunion in Eureka, KS in May. The reunion is held every year on Memorial Day weekend. The high school was so small that the reunion is for all class years. I begged off. I have appointment to rearrange my sock drawer. Mary definitely needs someone to shepherd her through the complexities of air travel. Especially since they will need to change planes in Las Vegas.

Paula and I have pretty much taken over her day to day scheduling. Making Dr’s appointments and taking were she needs to go. Paying her bills, etc. One day at a time.

The bravado that we faced when we first moved out her is pretty much gone. i.e I can do everything for myself, by myself. She seems to have learned to accept the help that we have given her.

I have begun to cherish the time that I get Paula alone. We are looking forward to our trip back to Mass in May. It will be a short trip due to the need to turn around and take Mary to KS.