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Update on Mary 2

February 25, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve reported on Mary. She is recovering nicely from her surgery. She’s had occupational therapy (OT) at home three times a week. She is mostly going without the sling so she is a bit more functional, but not quite 100%.
 Keeping track of her schedule for Dr’s appointments is challenging. It seems there always somewhere that we need to take her. And seeing as she isn’t driving, either Paula or I do the driving.
 She finally allowed me to take over managing her finances. What a mess. I collected all of the tax related mail into a folder. This past Saturday I took the folder to her tax guy. I had thoughts of doing her taxes myself, but thought better of the idea. Easier to drop the load of paper on the accountant and let him sort it out. He had it done in short order. No missing 1099’s. I got her to sign the efile voucher. Now we’re all done but for sending the IRS and state of CA checks. The good news is that her finances are strong. She often claims poverty, but that just doesn’t hold up when you look at the numbers.
 So in looking at her bank statement for January, I found someone had written three checks for a total of about $10,000. Mary had no clue about the checks. So off we go to Wells Fargo to try and straighten out the mess. We had to create a new account and transfer funds from the old account. So we need to get new checks and new debit cards.We left $200 or so in the old account to cover the last few checks outstanding. Paperwork sent to WF fraud department. We will probably get the money back. We have no idea how someone got a hold of the blank checks. We are trying to make sure that no blank checks are left out in plain view in the condo. Just in case our housekeeper was grabbing them.
 So, what next? Mary will be starting outpatient physical therapy this week. We will be beginning to plan our trip back east in May. Right now, we feel comfortable leaving her alone for a couple of hours so that Paula and I can have a date night. We are less comfortable leaving her alone for a week. We are hoping that we can find someone (perhaps from church or OES) to spend the week with her. Paula and I will manage to fit in our annual physicals this month.
 So I hear it has been snowing a bit back east. I have been trying real hard not to comment. The weather here has been outstanding. Today is sunny and about 70. Forecast for the weekend is a serious rain storm. Lord we can use the rain. Prices of fruits, vegetables and meat are surely going up this summer as more large farms in the CA Central Valley fail. By the way, gasoline here just went up over $4.00 per gallon of regular.
 Tuesday night is our regular family dinner tonight. Mike, Theresa and Jonathan will be here. Menu is meatloaf, mashed potatoes and beans or as I like to call it “Masonic menu #2”. Menu #1 is of course “Roast beef, Potatoes, and green beans”. Of course are green beans are fresh, at Thomas Talbot Lodge they come out of a can (gross).
 Theresa and Mike are expecting their second child in October. We are so looking forward to our second grandchild.
 Well, that’s enough for now. Stay warm.
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