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Winter in LA

November 30, 2017

Well, I think winter has come to LA at last. Our last heat wave gave it up on Sunday. We had a 3-4 day run of temperatures in the high 80’s and an occasional 90’s. I even wore my shorts again.

But now it seems winter is upon us. High temp for the last couple of days has been in the high 60’s. It may even break into the low 70’s on occasion. It even rained a wee bit.

So people out here ask us if we miss living in New England. Our answer is that we miss our friends back east but we don’t miss winter. Not one bit.


Origin: A Novel

November 9, 2017

51oICD9UWKLOrigin: A Novel” is the latest book by Dan Brown that I just finished reading. Once again it features Professor Robert Langdon as the main character.

This time Langdon is in Spain meeting with a scientist named Edmond Kirsch who is about to announce to the world some amazing discovery that will put an end to organized religion.

So the story starts with Kirsch having a big announcement ceremony where he promptly gets shot and dies. Langdon of course comes to the rescue to chase the killers and find out what Kirsch’s big announcement was going to be.

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) persona is introduced with the name “Winston”. Of course, Winston and Langdon team up to find out all the answers.

The NY Times seemed to love the book. They wrote an absolutely gushing blurb (see the Kindle page on Amazon). They probably didn’t have to pay $14.99 for it.

I guess I was expecting more from Dan Brown. I’ve read all of his previous books. I was totally underwhelmed. Save your $14.99 for the Kindle edition. If you really must read it, wait until the price drops next summer or fall.

The next book that I will be reading is “Leonardo Da Vinci” by Walter Isaacson.