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June 30, 2014

Well we made it home yesterday. We started the day with packing our stuff and heading out to the hospital to pick up Mary. First stop was to gas up the rent a car. $3.50 / gallon. So we got to the hospital at about 0930. Paula finished packing up Mary’s suitcase then I signed the final discharge paper work. We gave the nursing and PT staff a box of See’s Candies. The nurse wheeled Mary out to the car. We got her loaded into the car.

Mary says who’s car is this? Rental car we answer. It was a short drive up to SLC International. Nice quiet Sunday morning. Absolutely nothing like LAX. We pulled up to the drop off area for Delta. Nice skycap helped us with our luggage. Gave Mary a seat while we waited for the wheel chair to arrive.

I took off to return the car to the Avis rental return lot. and headed off to Terminal 2. I went through security with little problems. I got an iced coffee at the Starbucks inside the terminal. Then I met up with Paula and Mary at the gate. SLC is a lot smaller and quieter than LAX. The flight was full. These post 9-11 days I never see a flight that is not packed with every seat taken.

The gate agent called Mary’s name so that we could get pre-boarded. We all got on board and settled before the throng came along. One of the benefits of being in first class, is I get a drink as soon as I get seated. The nice stewardess brought me a nice cold gin and tonic. Man it tasted good.

We had an ontime departure and ontime arrival. Nice woman from LAX met us at the gate with another wheel chair. I waited for the walker to be retrieved from the stowed baggage. The woman was very patient waiting for Mary while she went to the Ladies’ room.

By the time we got to the baggage claim, our baggage has arrived. The wheel chair attendant patiently waited while we waited for Mike to arrive from the cell-phone lot.

And finally, a quiet ride home. It sure feels nice to be home.

So now we have to start up her out patient physical therapy and make appointments with her personal care doc and her local orthopedic doc. Meanwhile, I’m off to pick up the mail and do the grocery shopping.


Mary update

June 26, 2014

Yesterday was Wednesday, hump day. We took Mary across the parking lot to the medical building. She rode in a wheel chair, Neil pushed.

The front office people asked way too many questions that we didn’t have the answer to. Driver’s license no., SSN, what drugs is she taking. We said ask the folks in the hospital. PITA.

Eventually we got to see the PA (physician’s asst.) He was a nice young man. Seemed to know his stuff. He had Mary go for a new x-ray. X-ray looked good.

He then had a look at the incision. Healing nicely. He removed all of the steri-strips from the wound.

He gave us Rx’s for pain and anti-nausea, copies of surgical notes and X-ray images on a CD. Also added orders for outpatient PT, a walker.

We’ll schedule follow-up with local surgeon in Pedro in 6-8 weeks. We’ll just use the same doc who did her shoulder back in January.

We had dinner at Neil’s. Neil made mustard, salsa chicken out of a Paleo diet recipe book. Neil is pretty good at cooking. We added Caesar salad and bottle of wine.

Today will be a quiet day. We need to catch up on laundry. Perhaps go to grocery store.

Here’s the picture of Mary that I took after we got back from the Dr. visit.

I am really looking forward to getting home.


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Hill Aerospace Museum (at Hill AFB)

August 4, 2013

After we had completed our tour of the Grand Lodge of Utah, we headed 30 miles north of SLC to visit the Aerospace Museum at Hill AFB. They have an amazing collection of aircraft and Air Force memorabilia. Admission is free. The are many volunteers that run the place and would be happy to talk with you about the place.

The museum is stored in two large hangars as well as airplanes stored outside. The first hangar is mostly related to WWI and WWII. The second is mostly Viet Nam and Korean War.

I think that is a C7. Hard to believe that it could ever get off the ground.

Beautifully restored B17. Not designed with creature comforts in mind.

P47 Fighter.

Boing-Stearman tail dragger. “Kaydat”. I never got the experience of flying a tail dragger. There are Stearman’s still flying. (probably not the military variety.)

Prototype Trinity atomic bomb replica used for testing.

MK6 Atomic bomb (replica) used in Japan.

P51 Fighter.

Early prototype ejection seat. I wonder who the test pilot was who got to go for the first test ride in this thing.

Anyone remember the TV series “Whirly Birds”? Also, as seen on MASH.

SR71. Man that thing is big.

Early jet engine prototype.

Several varieties of rotary wing hardware.

One of the aircraft used as “Air Force 1”. Type of aircraft used when the heavy iron not appropriate. I think this was a Lockheed.

If you are in the area, drop by. It’s worth doing especially if you are excited by airplanes. Or perhaps, you got to ride in one of these back in the day.


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Location:Hill AFB, UT

Grand Lodge of Utah

August 4, 2013

Last week we decided to drop by the Grand Lodge of Utah on S Temple Street in downtown Salt Lake City. The web site says that tours only on Friday’s. But we decided to give it a try. It turns out that another young couple had the same idea. So a nice man took pity on us and did a tour just for us. Here is the view of the front of the building.

We visited several lodge rooms, each with a different theme. The first that we entered was the “colonial” room. The east was designed like a front porch of a colonial house. The room had a real trestleboard for an altar. Each of the rooms had a real staircase with 3, 5 and 7 steps.

Next, we visited the Egyptian room. The backdrop in the east could be changed to suit the current use of the room. The room was then setup for a York Rite meeting. Notice again the staircase in the northwest corner.

Then we visited the middle-east style room.

There is a good size auditorium that can be used for larger meetings like Grand Lodge or Grand Chapter of OES.

Finally, a few more random pictures.

Tyler’s Desk

Art work on the columns in the dining hall. (what lodge would it be without a dining hall?) Note, the 3, 5, and 7 steps in the middle panel.

Grand Master’s apron.

Location:Salt Lake City, Utah