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Cat vs. Coin Box

June 29, 2012

And now for something totally unrelated to moving or retirement.


June 27, 2012

It’s beginning to feel like retirement. The weather has been cool and rainy. We haven’t felt the need to get up early. I can do two crossword puzzles if I like.

Paula and I worked on packing up some boxes of clothing that we aren’t going to need on the trip. We also packed up some stuff for Neil that we had intended to carry in the Jeep. UPS is better option. So we dropped off two boxes at the UPS store. We’ll probably do a couple more boxes of stuff that we won’t need on the trip.

We finally got around to look into the trip to Ireland that we had been wanting to do but didn’t have the time to do. So we’re booked on a 7/13/12 flight to Dublin. Click here for info.

Did some shopping at the outlets in Tilton. Got some new shorts for me and new dress for Paula. Then we had lunch at the Tilt’n Diner. Back to the condo by 4pm in time for a nap.

Life is good.

California Here We Come

June 26, 2012

Phase II

June 26, 2012

We arrived in Plymouth on Sunday. Completely unloaded the Jeep yesterday. It felt good to get out of the hotel and be somewhere familiar.

We are kind of glad that we haven’t sold the condo. We now have a place to relax and get ready for the long cross country trip.

We got a couple of boxes at the local UPS store in Plymouth. Paula is packing up her gowns to be shipped ahead to Mike. We’ll do the same for a lot of stuff that we won’t be needing on the trip.

Called Electric and Gas to cancel. Checked bank to see if Dave deposited the proceeds check (He did. Don’t think I’ve ever seen our checking account with that much money.)

Today, we catch up on laundry, blogging, another trip to UPS store. and relaxing.

Joe & Paula

Phase I Complete

June 24, 2012

I declare that Phase I of our move to LA is done.

We are officially no longer a resident of Billerica. Closing went well. We went to church at the First Congregational Church in Billerica for the last time (for now). Said our goodbyes to our many friends. We had lunch with some of them at Chili’s in Lowell. (Fund raiser for the FCCB Pilgrim Fellowship). Chili’s donates 10% of the check to the fundraiser.

Friday and Saturday we finished up a few todo’s. Called to cancel homeowner’s insurance. Returned DVR and router to Verizon store. Forwarded mail to San Pedro.

So we are ensconced in our place in Plymouth. We stopped at the grocery store to get a few things for dinner.

Tomorrow we need to unload the Jeep and assess what we really need to take with us to LA. Then we need to do a full grocery shopping trip. Need to call National Grid to cancel electric and gas. Tried to do it on Friday, but they were closed for the day.

In the next few days we need to do planning for trip to Ireland, Check to see that check from closing got deposited.

In a way we are glad that the condo hasn’t been sold. Now we can use it to get ready for the big push west. We wouldn’t want to be heading out without the chance to recover from last week’s moveout marathon.

Stay tuned.


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Location:Plymouth NH

We don’t live here anymore

June 23, 2012

While driving from Salem down to Billerica this morning to attend a memorial service for an OES member who has passed away, it occurred to us as we got off at Treble Cove Rd that we don’t live here anymore.

Weather was much more refreshing this morning was a refreshing 72 degrees this morning.

Trying to catchup on a bunch of minor errands before we head north tomorrow.

The closing went smoothly. We also signed new wills and other estate docs.

Next, OES reception tonight in Wakefield.


June 22, 2012

Thursday was the absolute worst. Hot and humid. The POD is full and the car is full.  And there was still stuff to be loaded and/or disposed of.

We did the walk through with the buyers at 6:30. It went well, but we were no where near done cleaning out the house. Phone calls from lawyer and RE agent.

I nice lady dropped by to pick through our trash. She carted much stuff away. She came back for more at about 9pm. She figured that she had found a gold-mine.

The appliance recycler people came to pick up the old TV’s and a friend from lodge came to remove the old bed and a few other things.

Finally we rolled out at about 10:30pm. Finally got to the hotel at about 11:30 after stopping for gas.

So today we have the closing at 10am. Then to the Verizon store to drop off DVR and router. Then drop Paula off to get nails done while I go to PO to get mail forwarded.

Today is going to be a much nicer day. i will post some pictures later.



One more day

June 20, 2012

Each day has been more tiring than the previous one. We had movers help us pack and load the pod on Monday and Tuesday.

Today no such help. Just Paula and I. We spent most of the day cleaning out our bedroom. Three bags: keep, recycle and trash.

Much dust. 25 years of dust under where the beds were. Finally cleaned out the bedrooms.

Kitchen same deal. We took some canned goods for our church food pantry.

Thursday we finish cleaning the kitchen and den.

John VonK picked up a few things going to lodge. Scheduled junk guy to come pick up our old mattress and box spring. Cancelled Verizon Fios. Cancelled newspaper subscription.

We’re staying in a hotel in Salem, NH. All local hotels seem to be booked solid. I guess weddings and graduations.

So tomorrow, we have walk-thru at 6:30. Then closing on Friday at 10:00

POD is even fuller. POD gets picked up on Monday. To bed.

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Pictures from today’s action

June 18, 2012

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Four days to go

June 18, 2012

Well Monday is done and in the record books. We are both whipped.

Tom and Al from Mercer & Sons moving were here most of the day. We are about 99% packed and loaded into the pod. There is still room for a wardrobe box and a couple other odds and ends.

Guy came to pick up Neil’s bed and the two end tables. We also found a buyer for them entertainment center. She took half and will be back tomorrow for the other half.

We just finished what is probably our last meal at 54 Dyer Street. Fresh green beans and lamb chops cooked on the grill. Very good. Now for apple pie and ice cream for desert.

Had to cook on the grill, because all the pots and pans have been packed.

Tomorrow Tom and Al will be back to move the piano to church and the DR set to Jerrod and Suzie’s house in N Billerica.

Then empty the house and finally OES at Billerica Chapter.

Hotel for next few days.

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