Thursday was the absolute worst. Hot and humid. The POD is full and the car is full.  And there was still stuff to be loaded and/or disposed of.

We did the walk through with the buyers at 6:30. It went well, but we were no where near done cleaning out the house. Phone calls from lawyer and RE agent.

I nice lady dropped by to pick through our trash. She carted much stuff away. She came back for more at about 9pm. She figured that she had found a gold-mine.

The appliance recycler people came to pick up the old TV’s and a friend from lodge came to remove the old bed and a few other things.

Finally we rolled out at about 10:30pm. Finally got to the hotel at about 11:30 after stopping for gas.

So today we have the closing at 10am. Then to the Verizon store to drop off DVR and router. Then drop Paula off to get nails done while I go to PO to get mail forwarded.

Today is going to be a much nicer day. i will post some pictures later.



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