One more day

Each day has been more tiring than the previous one. We had movers help us pack and load the pod on Monday and Tuesday.

Today no such help. Just Paula and I. We spent most of the day cleaning out our bedroom. Three bags: keep, recycle and trash.

Much dust. 25 years of dust under where the beds were. Finally cleaned out the bedrooms.

Kitchen same deal. We took some canned goods for our church food pantry.

Thursday we finish cleaning the kitchen and den.

John VonK picked up a few things going to lodge. Scheduled junk guy to come pick up our old mattress and box spring. Cancelled Verizon Fios. Cancelled newspaper subscription.

We’re staying in a hotel in Salem, NH. All local hotels seem to be booked solid. I guess weddings and graduations.

So tomorrow, we have walk-thru at 6:30. Then closing on Friday at 10:00

POD is even fuller. POD gets picked up on Monday. To bed.

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