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April 29, 2020

Wednesday we do a Zoom Senior Bible study. We finished up our work on Nehemiah. Didn’t go anywhere. No beach for us. I don’t particularly care for going to the beach. Too much sun, too much sand, too hot.

Today, I will be sharing some pictures from our deep dive into the Stanley archives.

Harold Stanley c 1926

The note on the back says Harold, age 7 after recovering from scarlet fever. What a nice looking young lad.

Mabel & Paul Stanley (Paula’s grandparents) c 1918

Wait, there’s more. Paula’s dad was always in the kitchen at Los Angeles Harbor Lodge. Harold was the person who got me interested in Freemasonry.

(L-R) Gus Olguin, Harold, Kyle Pascal cooking for lodge

One more and I’ll quit for today.

My truck. 1998 Dodge. pic taken 1999

That’s all for today. Stay safe.


Harold Stanley 1919-2009

August 3, 2017


Harold c. 1986

Tuesday, August 1 would have been Harold’s 98th birthday. This post is in honor of Harold. He was a wonderful, kind and loving human being. We all miss him a lot.

Harold was born on August 1, 1919 almost nine months to the day after Armistice Day on Nov 11, 1918. What do people do to celebrate an important day in history? They have sex. Witness the spike in new babies born in the Chicago area recently nine months after the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series or nine months after the Blizzard of 1978.

Harold died of cardiac arrest in November 2009. He was 90 years old. He died unexpected and suddenly. We are just beginning to discover how and when died by reading Mary’s letters that we’ve found recently.

I struggled to find a decent picture of Harold to use in this post. Harold was always the guy behind the camera. In course of his lifetime I have seen many many pictures taken by Harold but very few pictures of him. I still have a few more boxes of slides in the store room to curate.

Harold spent much of his adult life teaching high school science and biology at Jordan High School in Long Beach, CA. Before he started his teaching career at Jordan, he worked at the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach which was where he met Mary.

Harold was born and grew up in Kansas. By the way, Mary was also from Kansas but different parts of the state. They both moved to California to work in the war effort. Harold never served in the armed forces due to problems with his inner ear. Mary would always say that he had a problem with listening not hearing. Paula says that I have the same problem (ha ha).

Harold was the person who influenced me to join the Masons and the Shriners. He would always make it to my Masonic events (degrees,  installations, etc.). Sometimes he would take Amtrak across the country rather than fly. He would do it to get some quiet down time and to see the country side. Mary would jokingly accuse him of doing it to get away from her for a week.

LassenDuring the summers, from the 1950’s until the early 1970’s Harold would spend his summers as a National Park Ranger at Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. The day after school closed in June, Harold, Mary and Paula would hit the road heading north to Lassen. I can just imagine the smile on Harold’s face as he headed north to Lassen.

Rest In Peace, Harold.

More Pictures

May 8, 2016

I have scanned another batch of old pictures that came from the storage locker. These are mostly of Harold and his family. Harold was born in August of 1919. Harold could be described as a blizzard baby or blackout baby. A blizzard baby is a baby born 9 months after a blizzard or other natural event when the parents of said baby were predisposed to have sex.

When Paula was working in the pediatric practice, occasionally the nurses and doctors would see a sharp increase in the number of newborn patients. They would try to figure what happened nine months prior to affect the increase.

In Harold’s case, we think the event was Armistice Day in November 1918, the end of WWI. We don’t know if that actually happened, but it is amusing to consider the possibility.

So we have pictures of Paul Stanley, Harold’s father and namesake of Paula. Most of the pictures have notes on the back but not much in the line of dates. Best we can do is make a good guess. Paul was 20 or 21 when Harold was born. Paul didn’t serve in the military during WWI. He had a job driving a fuel truck for Union Oil.

(Note: Mouse over the pictures to see the captions.)

First are pictures where Harold was born and house built by Paul in Iowa.

Next are some baby pics of Paul (Harold’s father).

Here are pictures of Paul & Mabel, Paul’s mother & sisters (not clear from the notes on the back as to who’s who.) and Paul’s brother Albert.

Here is a scan of Paul’s Union card. Paul died in the summer of 1954 of a massive heart attack while visiting Yosemite National Park. Not much could be done in those days and the closest hospital about 50 miles away. Born in 1898. Paula called him Paw-Paw.


That’s enough for now. I will have lots more when I get around to doing the scanning.

Picture of Harold & Mary from 1949

June 21, 2014

This morning Paula and I were digging through the piles of mail that Mary had saved over the past few months. (She hardly throws any thing out). We found and old photo of Harold and Mary taken in August 1949. It must have been some important occasion. They are all dressed up and the photo was taken by a professional photographer. There is not much to glean from the photo other than the date and location from the back of the folder. Harold and Mary would have been about 25 years when this picture was taken. Needless to say, Paula was at home with her grandma.



So here is the photo. Harold and Mary are seated on the left. I don’t know who the other two women are. I will ask Mary when I get a chance, but I doubt that she will remember.


So I wonder what the occasion was? It must have been important. It’s not a birthday or anniversary. I get the feeling that the Wilton Hotel was a pretty fancy place for dinner.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the Wilton Hotel that I found online.