We seem to have managed to get into a groove in that we are doing our grocery shopping on Tuesdays. So Tuesday is our day to get out of the house.

The Governor of CA has loosened the stay at home restrictions a bit so that folks can get to the beach or other such foolishness. So Alberton’s seemed to be a good bit more crowded today.

The way we could tell other than the feeling of there being more people milling about was the check out line (see above). The check out line started at dairy section in the rear of the store, along the paper goods aisle to the check out lanes. Though, the line was moving fairly quickly. I got in line while Paula looked for a few more items.

I figure that we will be done with this pandemic thing when the paper goods aisle is fully stocked like it used to be in February. Only stuff available today was single rolls of TP and store brand kleenex boxes. No paper towels, no napkins, etc.

Meat, chicken and fish are fully stocked, as are produce. Perhaps people can’t figure out how to horde ground beef or fresh green beans.

We said hello to Dan in the dairy department (who we call “Dairy Dan”). Dan apologized profusely for not having any 1% milk. I asked if the 1% cows were on strike? So he gave us the fancy brand with a 1/2 price sticker.

We are continuing our practice of getting take-out at the Pacific Diner after we are done watching the online version of church. We had our tasty brunch at the overlook on Gaffey St and 36th.

View of LA Harbor from San Pedro
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