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Tuesday Night

September 21, 2016

In the past, Tuesday nights were family nights. We would have our son and his family over for dinner. But now that the school year has started, doing dinner on Tuesday night became a problem. They needed to get our grandson Jonathan to bed by a decent hour so that he would get a full night’s sleep. School starts at 8:30 AM. and that meant we couldn’t do Tuesday dinner and get done early enough so that Jonathan could be in bed by 7:00 PM.

So, Paula and I suddenly had a free night. So I could go to my Shrine Club meeting with the guys. And Paula could go have dinner with the ladies. My meeting was with the Beach Cities Shrine Club at the Whale and Ale in San Pedro. The ladies were meeting at Trani’s, also in San Pedro.

So, if Mary was going to eat, she had to go with Paula. I heard from Paula that the service was none to good at Trani’s. We were getting text messages from some of the ladies that they hadn’t been served by 8:00 PM. By that time we were pretty much done.

So I had Fish and Chips at the Whale and Ale. This is one of their signature dishes. Very tasty. I had a “Dirty Martini” to wash it down. I need to do a blog post on various martini variations. So to make it short, a “Dirty Martini” is two parts gin, one part dry vermouth and an ounce of olive juice. I think I prefer a Martini straight up.

So I was home well before Paula hit the road. I used my “Find My iPhone” app to show me when Paula was coming home. So I asked her how things went. Terrible she says. She asked her mother if she had a good time. Mary says, “No, it was terrible”.

Apparently, Mary didn’t recognize anyone at the table except Paula. Even though she should have recognized at least half of the ladies at the table. This event made it clear to us that Mary’s dementia is getting much worse. We will most likely not take her to events like this in the future. No fun for us and no fun for Mary. In addition, she is having more and more difficulty in carrying on a conversation.

Wild Fire

July 25, 2016

Well, it occurred to me that our friends back east might be wondering whether we were affected by the current wild fires in Southern California. The current fire that is called the “Sand Fire” is big in the news out here. I am not always quite sure how the locals come up with a name for a fire. But they’re fighting the fire, they can name it whatever they want. 

The local hour long news this evening spent about 45 minutes covering the fire. Then the national news led the program with news about fire in Southern California. Okay, Los Angeles is a huge area. LA County is about as big as Rhode Island.

So here’s a map of Greater Los Angeles.

We live down near Long Beach which is mostly an urban area. Not much chance of wild fire. The current fire (called the “Sand Fire”) is up near Santa Clarita. The 14 freeway that runs from Simi Valley to Palmdale has been shut down due to the fire. Many people have been evacuated due to the fire.

There is certainly a risk to owning a home up near the mountains especially now due to the drought. Risk is much less for us down south in an urban setting.  A lot of the people that live up there own wild stock, horses and the like. So, evacuating is not easy.

The Storeroom part 1

January 29, 2016

One of our goals for this year is to clean out the storeroom. Mary has been living in condo for many years. So there is little extra space to store stuff (ie. no garage, no attic). So she had rented a storage unit in San Pedro. At one time, I am told that she had rented up to six storage lockers. But now she is down to only one.

So today we went down there to see what’s what. We took Mary along so that we could get the pass code for opening the gate. We loaded up the Jeep with a box of trash bags. Here is what the locker looked like when we opened it for the first time. Luckily there doesn’t seem to be any signs of mold or mildew.

So started sorting through this stuff. Mary was quite the packrat. We did find some pictures. We filled up about five bags with old program notes and other stuff not worth keeping. Next time that we visit we will not need Mary. I don’t want to have to ask her permission for some of the stuff we dump.

Close to the top of the pile, I fond some black and white pictures of Harold, Mary and Paula from 1950 to 1960. Here’s Paula at her birthday party. I can just hear her asking, “Daddy, can I keep the pony?”


Paula c 1954


Family c 1950

And one more thing that we found. This is Mary’s ID card from Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach from 1944.


Mary’s ID Card

That’s enough for now. I will post more pictures and stores from time to time.


August 29, 2015

Our friend Andrea is still with this Saturday. We started off our day with a visit to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro.


The Bell is located on South Gaffey Street in San Pedro. It was a gift of the Republic of South Korea in 1976. It is sited on a beautiful park with views of Santa Monica and the LA Harbor. We could actually see Santa Monica today.


Once we were done with the Korean Bell, we headed to Santa Monica to have lunch at Gladstones. As is common on any day in LA, the traffic is always heavy. Gladstones is one of the best sea food restaurant in LA with a view that can’t be beat. Andrea and I both had fish and chips, Paula had a shrimp louis salad. So we arrived at Gladstones at about 1 pm. We were seated immediately.


Once we were done with lunch, Paula and Andrea went for a walk on the beach. I sat in the shade in the clam shell pictured above. Of course, we paid the price of traffic on the way home down the 405 and the 110. So mote it be.

School’s Out

June 4, 2015

So Mary was feeling dizzy again and decided not to do the Y. That meant that Paula and I could go shopping together. It’s sort of pitiful when you think of grocery shopping as date time. We didn’t need a lot of stuff, but it gave us a chance to go out together and get away from Mary for an hour or so.

So we arrive at Haggen’s (nee Albertson’s) at about 11:30 AM. We got in line at the Starbuck’s for our usual refreshment. Iced Coffee for me and  Iced Chai for Paula.  Our barista, Kim, knows what we usually order. She just asks me, Grande’ or Venti’ or as I prefer to call them medium or large. Large today.

So by the time we got through aisle 4, we see a hoard of tweens arrive from Dodson Jr. High. So you don’t want to be in the chip and soda aisle when the kids arrive. I saw a kid on a mission with a six pack of soda and a bag of chips running for the check-out. You never know they might run out of soda.

Then I saw the line for the Starbuck’s. As we left, the line was about 10-12 deep and growing. (normal queue is about 2-3 people) Good thing we got there when we did. I would not have been happy.

So I ask Paula, “Why’s school getting out so early?” Last day of school for the summer, she says. Oh, I get it. By now, every park bench and bit of curb was occupied by the tweens snacking on their purchases. Working on getting their sugar high.

We just got out of there in time.


May 29, 2015

Today is Friday and that generally means an appointment for Mary at Rose’s Hair Salon in San Pedro. So I helped Mary walk down to the elevator and then into the Prius. She seems to always need someone holding her arm when she walks. The dizziness is not getting any better.

I took her to the YMCA on Tuesday. She did her time on the tread mill and exercise bike.

We will probably be going to Mariner’s night at LA Harbor Lodge tonight. That means that we don’t have to cook tonight.

Memory is gone. She still remembers our names, but she couldn’t remember our grandson Jonathan’s name or how old he is.

We keep on keeping on.


May 25, 2015

Time for another update on Mary. Overall, she is well, but she continues a long slow decline.

She survived our trip to Boston last week with the help of care givers from CarenetLA. We arrived at LAX on last Tuesday. We took Mary to Bible Study on Wednesday.

It seems that she is moving even slower than in the past. She seems to always need to hold on to one of us. She is suffering more and more with dizziness.

A couple of days ago I asked her what she would like for breakfast. She says I’d like a waffle. I told her no waffles to day. Choices were toast or cereal. If you want a waffle, you will need to get it at Gaffey Street Diner on Sunday. So we got her some frozen waffles to try. We’ll see how that goes.

Her memory is also fading. On Friday evening, we were eating dinner at our dining room table. Mary asks us if we were going anywhere on Saturday. We told her that Paula and I were going grocery shopping and that she had nothing on her schedule. The thing that was very odd, was that she asked the same question two more times over the next 30 minutes.

We took her with us to church on Sunday at Ocean View. She seemed to do well. We went out for brunch afterwards to one of our favorite spots, Gaffey Street Diner.
Last update, I promised pictures.

Here are a couple taken at Gaffey Street.