School’s Out

So Mary was feeling dizzy again and decided not to do the Y. That meant that Paula and I could go shopping together. It’s sort of pitiful when you think of grocery shopping as date time. We didn’t need a lot of stuff, but it gave us a chance to go out together and get away from Mary for an hour or so.

So we arrive at Haggen’s (nee Albertson’s) at about 11:30 AM. We got in line at the Starbuck’s for our usual refreshment. Iced Coffee for me and  Iced Chai for Paula.  Our barista, Kim, knows what we usually order. She just asks me, Grande’ or Venti’ or as I prefer to call them medium or large. Large today.

So by the time we got through aisle 4, we see a hoard of tweens arrive from Dodson Jr. High. So you don’t want to be in the chip and soda aisle when the kids arrive. I saw a kid on a mission with a six pack of soda and a bag of chips running for the check-out. You never know they might run out of soda.

Then I saw the line for the Starbuck’s. As we left, the line was about 10-12 deep and growing. (normal queue is about 2-3 people) Good thing we got there when we did. I would not have been happy.

So I ask Paula, “Why’s school getting out so early?” Last day of school for the summer, she says. Oh, I get it. By now, every park bench and bit of curb was occupied by the tweens snacking on their purchases. Working on getting their sugar high.

We just got out of there in time.

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    I always enjoy your articles. thanks. –Jack G

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