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Mother’s Day

May 8, 2016

In honor of Mother’s Day, I dug through my photo archives and pulled out a few pictures of my mother (Grace), Paula, Mary and others. Grace passed away in 1996.

First is a picture of Grace and nephew James’ christening. Christmas 1990.

scan0016 (2)

Mary C, Rich, James, Grace

Santa was done by one of Harold’s Lodge friends (Gus Olguin). He arrived in the middle of the boys nap. The boys were in a fog. Christmas was very confusing for them that year. How will Santa know that we are not in Billerica? Santa knows all, we said.


Harold, Mary and Santa 1989


Grace, Mike and James – 1990

Grace and Anne Wood (friend of Grace from West Roxbury). This was our new pop-up trailer. This trip was to Prince Edward Island summer of 1987. PEI had some beautiful camp grounds. When we told Grace and Anne that we were going to PEI, they said we’ll come too. We’ll stay in a hotel, thank you very much. It was a fun trip. We went on a hay ride and Mike got to drive the tractor.


If I recall, this was taken at my brother Rich’s house in Quincy, c 1987. I think it was Thanksgiving, but it could have been Christmas. Mary looks like she’s already on her third glass of champagne :<).


(l-r) Mike, Mary S, Neil, Grace, Mary C, Rich, Paula