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At the Double Tree

August 13, 2017

My day is going much better than yesterday. Mary is feeling better. We decided to skip the OES fashion show and just hang out here at the Double Tree in San Pedro.

We try to not overload Mary with activities. So today we went to the hotel restaurant for a late breakfast. Mary and Paula shared an English muffin and a fruit plate. I had bacon and eggs. Very tasty.

The picture is the view from the rear of the hotel lobby. Some of the rooms have this view, unfortunately ours does not. I once owned a boat, a lot smaller than these yachts. Rich man toys. Not me. 

We all had naps this afternoon which makes us all much more pleasant to be around.

The service at the Double Tree is so much better than our stay at the Best Western in Roseville. We have been to parties and functions at this Double Tree before but this is the first time that we have actually stayed here.

I watched the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game on my iPad. Red Sox won 10-5. Woohoo!


Paula is off to church. Mary laying in bed. As soon as house keeping stops by, I will get her up and head to the cafe for breakfast. The hotel has loaned us a wheelchair but last time we went to lobby she managed to walk up and back again. Waiting for the morning fog to burn off.



The Adventure continues…

August 12, 2017

Had our first night at the luxurious DoubleTree in San Pedro. Everyone slept pretty good. Hotel loaned us a wheel chair for Mary so she didn’t have to walk all the way to the room.

Last night was a problem. We decided to have dinner at the Green Onion Mexican Restaurant in San Pedro. Been a while since we’ve had Mexican fare. I dropped Paula and Mary at the door then parked the car. Had to wait for 10 minutes for a table. Got seated then ordered drinks, marguerites all around. Very tasty.

At this point Mary decides that she needs to go to the ladies’. I was told what to order for them. I delayed as long as I could than ordered (including a second marguerite for me.)

10 minutes later food arrives at our table. No sign of Mary and Paula. Another 10-15 minutes go by before they get back from the loo. Mary looking pale and out of it. She had trouble standing up straight. You could blow her over with a breath. Mary not hungry, hardly eats any of her meal. I tell her we can’t take it with us, no place to store.

After the meal completed, get in the car. We ask her “Do you want us to take you to the hospital?” (Just what we need a Friday night at the ER.) Tell us what your symptoms are? So eventually we decided to not do ER and back to the hotel. 

Got her into PJ’s and into bed. Left the bathroom light on for her. She slept through the night. Got her up this morning, made her some instant oatmeal. Reading yesterday’s newspaper.

Today, Paula will be taking her to a fashion show sponsored by one of the local OES chapters. I am free. Woo-Hoo!


June 8, 2014

Today is Sunday. It’s been a long week. We’re staying at a Double Tree in Las Vegas. Nice place to stay. No casino. I despise casinos. Too noisy. We’ve stayed here several times. Getting to know the staff, especially the bartender. We leave this morning headed home to LA. I get to blog while Ms Paula is in the shower.
 So Mary is doing better. Paula talked to her on the phone yesterday while we were driving south on I15. She seemed to be coherent. They got her out of bed and into the bathroom to toilet. Removed the Foley catheter. That’s probably a requirement to be moved to rehab.
 We talked to the Nurse Practitioner. She said her blood counts were a little low. Probably give her a few units of blood. I swear Mary has nine lives. There have been many folks (East coast and West) praying for her. Thank you all for the prayers.
 The news form New Orleans is still not good. Paula’s Aunt Donna is near death. She is suffering end stage colon cancer. Not expected to survive the week.
 Did I tell you that it is hot here in the desert? The thermometer in the car read 104 when we arrived yesterday afternoon. Peaked out at 109 driving through the desert north of Las Vegas. We have a room overlooking the pool. No one using it. Too hot.

 We will arrive home this afternoon. Today’s drive is about 300 miles. We filled up our tank in St George yesterday. Once we get into CA the price of gas skyrockets from $3.50 a gallong to about $4.50 a gallon. We’ll probably stop in Barstow at one of the few Dunkin Donuts in CA.
 Paula probably will be flying back to SLC on Wednesday. Gives us time to do laundry. Catch up on mail. Get our Rx’s filled, etc. Dinner with Mike, Theresa and Jonathan on Tuesday.
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Las Vegas NV

October 5, 2013

Today is the last day of our trip. Yesterday we travelled from West Jordan UT to Las Vegas NV. we had a short visit with Neil and his family. So now we are heading home to LA. SLC to LA is about 750 miles give or take and is a bit too long to make in one jump.

Las Vegas is a natural spot to stop for the night. This is the third time that we have made the trip from SLC to LA. We have been searching for a good place to bed down for the night. We didn’t want to go to downtown Las Vegas. I despise staying at casino-hotels. All I want is a QUIET hotel where we can rest overnight.

Last time we stayed at a hotel in Primm NV which is at the CA NV border. There are three worn aging casinos resorts there. Last time we had reserved two rooms for Paula, myself and my mother in law. Reservation screwed up they only had one room for us. I am NOT sleeping with my mother in law. The time before that we stopped at Jean NV. Similar aging casino hotel.

So we thought we might be forced to either stay up in St George UT or continue on down the road to Victorville CA. Nothing in between but desert, sage brush and coyotes. St George to LV is about 150 miles. LV to Victorville about the same. So we’re stuck with Las Vegas. St George was too soon to stop and Victorville too far.

So back to the travel hotel web sites. Lo and behold we found a Double Tree by Hilton near the LV airport. It has no casino, reasonable price (about $100). It has a bar and restaurant. It is quiet. I can hear some aircraft noise but it is not outrageously loud. I made the reservation through the Hilton Honors iPhone App.

They put us on the 5th floor. Top two floors are the Hilton Honors floors. When we checked in they gave us two warm chocolate chip cookies. This was so much better than Primm or Jean. We were also told that happy hour was in progress. Woo-Hoo!!!

So we came down to the hotel bar and had a few drinks and watched the end of the LA Dodgers Atlanta Braves game. We missed the Red Sox thumping of the Rays. We had a few drinks (Gin and Tonic for Ms. Paula, Martini for me), then light dinner and back to our room. We watched Bill Maher’s show on HBO. We give the Double Tree 5 stars. We’ll definitely stay here on our next trip to SLC.

One idea that Hilton has started is recycling in the hotel rooms. They have trash cans that have two inserts. One for regular trash and one for plastics. Clever idea. Here’s a picture.

So thats it for Las Vegas. Today, once we finish breakfast we are off for LA. We’ll probably stop in Mojave rest stop (right after the CA NV state line.) This time the colors are alive in the desert. The sage brush seems to be pollinating. Lots of yellows and orange. The mountains are alive with color. Here is a picture I took last Saturday in CA. imagine what a whole hillside would look like with flowering sage brush.

No place to safely stop along yesterday’s route to take a picture. So back to LA. We will have about couple of weeks home before we head back north to Fresno CA for CA Grand Chapter OES.


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