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Fixing Leak in the Drain (part 1)

September 14, 2020

So back in February, we started seeing a leak in our bathroom. The leak was flowing down from the unit above us. Whenever they used one of their sinks, water would flow down from our ceiling.

Then we had the Covid-19 pandemic, so all work pretty much came to a halt. We got the neighbors above us to stop using the sink, so no more water. That was a temporary fix.

Our management company agreed to pay for the work. The problem is inside their walls.

So today, two men came to remove the mirror so that the plumbers could get behind the wall to look at the drain pipes and fix where it is leaking.

Needless to say, the mirror was very securely attached to the wall. They managed to break the mirror.

So now I don’t have to worry about damaging the mirror. It was put in the dumpster. Management company owes us a new mirror.

The plumbers come on Wednesday. We’ll see what happens then. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2017


Well, how’d that happen. Here we are in a new year. Nice, new and spiffy.

So first, an update on Mary. She continues to do well. We celebrated the new year last night with a bottle of champagne. I asked her if she thought she would make it to a new year? All I got was a shrug and a meh. Mary had a half a glass of the champagne. Paula and I finished the rest of the bottle. Didn’t want it go to waste. Sure was tasty.

We continue to be watchful of her condition. Yesterday, she had a nasty dry cough. So Paula gets out here trusty stethoscope and takes a listen to her lungs. That cough could turn into pneumonia in a heartbeat. If Paula were to take her to urgent care, yesterday would have been the day to do it. Urgent care closed today, so she would have to do the ER. But there were no sounds of pneumonia so never mind.

We have a follow up scheduled with her neurologist in a couple of weeks to discuss her recent MRI. We’ll see how that goes.

So this morning, Mary was up at her usual time at about 9 am. Instead of her usual oatmeal, Paula cooked her a scrambled egg. Paula offered her toast. Mary says, “What kind?” Well we have either sour dough or rye. She then says I don’t like either. I tell her that she doesn’t usually eat bread so we don’t get the kind of bread that she likes. She was looking at me with her “Why can’t you read my mind?” look. So, white bread is on the shopping list.

We asked her this morning if she wanted to go to church. The answer is still no. It seems that her mind gets stuck into regular routines. She will go out to get her hair washed and set at the beauty salon. She will go with us to OES meetings. But she won’t do church or Bible study on Wednesday. She uses her dizziness as an excuse, but I think there is a hidden issue that either she won’t or can’t verbalize. So Paula goes to church on Sunday, while I watch football (How about those Patriots?). And I go to the Bible study on Wednesdays. So what will I do once the football season comes to a close? Right, baseball is right around the corner. Spring training starts end of February. Woo-Hoo! Go Red Sox.

2016-12-31-18-47-47So we had an early Christmas with Mike and his family. They were heading up to the SF bay area to visit some of Theresa’s family, then to Reno for fun in the snow. It was fun to watch video of Jonathan taking his snow boarding lesson. He still hasn’t quite figured out the brakes yet. The kids seem to be enjoying the snow.

Starting in January, we are going to start scheduling regular caregiver visits so that Paula and I can get out for a date. Dinner and a movie or something similar. We will initially start doing it every other week and see how that works.

In other news, work continues on our condo complex. They are working on redoing the planters that are in the court yard between units. The planters are being reworked with plants that deal better with drought conditions. They are also working on resurfacing the upper walkways. Roofing is also being replaced. This means that weekdays can be pretty noisy and sometimes dusty. Here are a couple of before and now pictures.


But we have had rain on and off the past few days. We really need the rain. We got about 0.5″ yesterday. All work has stopped. That means it is now blissfully quiet. Alas, the rain just delays the work. Probably will restart on Tuesday with a vengeance.