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Star Trek: Picard

January 26, 2020

Last night we decided to watch the new Star Trek series called “Star Trek: Picard” streaming on CBS All Access. This is a new 11 episode Star Trek series that manages to bring Patrick Stewart back as Jean Luc-Picard. I’m a little bit uncertain on how this will manage to succeed since CBS All Access has a ways to go to get to all the Netflix eyeballs.

So episode #1 shows Picard in his winery in the south of France along with his pit bull named “#1”. Oh so very cute. He seems to having dreams of himself playing chess with Commander Data played by Brent Spiner.

picard 1

He then meets a woman named “Dahj” who it seems needs his help and thus he is drawn back into the Star Trek world. It seems that Dahj is related to Data, a daughter maybe. One is not quite sure.

We were watching it on our ROKU box. I had trouble getting the audio, so I had to turn on the subtitles. It might be better on my iPad or laptop. On my cable TV box I have an audio streaming device connected so that I can hear the audio with my hearing aids. When I switch to the Roku box I don’t get the audio.

It was only recently that I had added “CBS All Access” to my streaming video apps.

So there will be a new episode every Thursday. I guess I can wait.

Star Trek Beyond

July 28, 2016

Star Trek BeyondTuesday night is usually our family dinner night where our son and his family come over for dinner. But last night they were heading up to San Francisco to visit with Theresa’s extended family in the Bay Area. So Paula and I were free for the evening.

So Paula picked up some fried chicken on the home from her shift at the Assistance League in San Pedro. We fed Mary and turned on the news for her on the TV and we headed out to see “Star Trek Beyond” at 7:40 PM. This was a bit later than we normally go to movies, but the price was right. Adult tickets were $5. Didn’t even have to be a senior.

If we wanted to go up to Torrance, we could have seen it either in 3D or IMAX. (For more money of course.) But we decided to do it on the cheap.

I am not sure about the title. It is emminently forgettable. I said to myself, Star Trek something. I had to look it up again on IMDB before I started this post.

Just so you understand, they have the good old NCC-1701 Enterprise along with Capt. Kirk, Spock, Scottie and the rest of the gang. It’s a new story with a new cast of young actors. This reboot was produced by J.J. Abrams.

All of the lead actors are pretty much unknown. The actor who plays Capt. Kirk is Chris Pine. Here’s a bit of trivia. He was the first lead Star Trek actor born after the franchise began. Here’s his link to his IMDB page.

So overall, we enjoyed the show. I thought it was better than the Star Wars reboot that we saw a few months ago. The casting was done well. I felt just a little bit of nostalgia for Leonard Nimoy. In fact, during the credits they had a “In Memoriam” to Leonard Nimoy. Nice touch.

Okay, here come the spoilers. If you want to see the film, stop reading here and go and see it.

So the Enterprise is cruising around the galaxy and they head into a deep space star ship port called “Yorktown”. It was a place where the crew could get some R & R. They were hardly there a day when they get a call to go to some planet deep inside a Nebula or something. You know deep down in your soul that something bad is coming down.

Before you know it Capt Kirk and his band of merry men were under attack. So 15 minutes into the film and the Enterprise crash lands on the nasty planet. That wouldn’t have happened to the old Capt Kirk. Maybe the new Capt. Kirk doesn’t know how to use the shields or something. So the new Capt. Kirk has 1 hour and 45 minutes to make things right.

So most of the crew gets captured by the bad guys on the planet. But our heroes avoid capture and manage to save everyone. That should be enough. It was a fun movie with lots of action. Sometime it was difficult to keep track of everything going on the screen. There was even a motorcycle scene.