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Hearst Castle

October 11, 2016

William Randolph Hearst was an American newspaper publisher born in 1863 and died in 1951. Mr Hearst built the nation’s largest newspaper chain. In 1919 he began work on what is now known as the Hearst Castle near San Simeon, CA on California’s central coast. The castle was designed from 1919 to 1947 by Julia Morgan of San Francisco. The castle was under construction right up until he died in 1951.

2016-10-07-12-07-39The estate covers 250,000 acres. The main house “Casa Grande'” sits on a hill at 1600′ in the Santa Lucia range and about 5 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. The castle is about 200 miles from San Francisco and 200 miles from Los Angeles. Mr Hearst has been quoted as saying:

I would like to build something upon the hill at San Simeon. I get tired of going up there and camping in tents. I’m getting a little too old for that. I’d like to get something that would be a little more comfortable.

The property is managed by the California State Parks and is open for public tours. Tours can be reserved on their website. When I was arranging our tour, I found out that they had “Accessible” tours for folks who might have difficulty with the many steps around the main mansion. I opted for this because of my difficulty climbing steep steps. Indeed, a customer service agent called me a few days after I made the reservation and asked whether I had any special needs (ie. wheel chair). I told him no wheel chair would be needed. What great service!

We rode in a golf cart up to a back entrance and Paula and I, plus two others had a pretty much private tour. One parks outside a visitor center and board a bus that takes you across many switchbacks as you climb to the castle. They had some chairs set aside for us along the tour if we get tired. Very thoughtful.

So back in the day, guests would take an overnight train either from LA or San Francisco to San Luis Obispo where Mr Hearst’s staff would pick them up at the train station and ride to the estate. Mr. Hearst also built an airstrip not far from the castle. Apparently, an invitation to the castle was very much in demand.2016-10-07-10-47-58

Among the many guests include the Marx Brothers, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Clark Gable, James Stewart and Bob Hope.

Here’s a picture of the famous Neptune Pool. Unfortunately, the pool is under construction to retrofit the tiling. Click here to see a picture taken before the pool was drained for reconstruction.

Our tour started with the main kitchen. The kitchen was state of the art for the 1930’s. It had a real refrigerator. It kind of looks like an ice box, but you can tell by the compressor on top that it’s a refrigerator. Hearst had his own private power plant on his property. Here a few pictures of the kitchen.

After the kitchen comes the main dining room. Guests were expected to attend the formal dinner in the evening.  Mr Hearst would sit at the middle of the table. He would sit people that he thought would be interesting to him close to him. If Mr Hearst found a guest to be not interesting, they would be shifted down to the end of the table.

The size of the rooms were designed to allow the art works to fit. In the dining room, there were tapestries on both walls.

After dinner, films were shown in the movie theater. The guests had to wait for an hour (often grumbling about waiting). The delay was to allow the kitchen and wait staff to finish their work and join Mr Hearst in the theater.

What mansion would be without a room for games. There a billiards room and card table rooms.


Statues? They’ve got statues. Too many to show. Here are a few.

Finally, the tour ends at the indoor pool. The water is so calm, that you almost don’t see it. The reflection is incredible. There are two tennis courts on the roof of the indoor pool.

That’s about it. Exit through the gift shop. All of the pictures were taken with my iPhone 6 plus.




Morro Bay

October 9, 2016

So a couple of months ago, I asked Paula what she wanted to do for her birthday and our wedding anniversary. She suggested that we do a two day road trip somewhere in California. So we decided to drive up the CA coast to Morro Bay. Morro Bay is about 200 miles from LA. It is a small sea side community. So our plan was to drive up to Morro Bay on Thursday on rte. 101. It takes about 5 hours including an hour for lunch.

2016-10-09-14-55-23So for us to get away for three days means that we need to get care givers arranged for Mary. At this stage of her life, we can’t leave her alone. So we sent an email to to arrange.

On the ride north, we stopped at town called “Buellton” for lunch. We ate at a restaurant called “Pea Soup Andersen’s” which was apparently famous for its pea soup. So we decided, what the hell, we’d give it a try. The waiter told us that we could have free refills on the soup. Apparently the record is 17 bowls of soup. My word, that’s a lot of soup. We politely declined and had just one bowl each. Very tasty. Though, truth be told, the pea soup that I make is better.

Rte 101 tends to hug the coastline through Santa Barbara and Ventura. The route turns inland after Santa Barbara to avoid Vandenberg AFB. (We went there last year for Mike’s promotion ceremony.) Then back to coast through Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande’. Lots of surfing along this area.

So we decided to stay at the “Ascot Inn at the Rock“. A nice little hotel with a great view of the harbor. Included free breakfast and free WiFi. Breakfast was decent. Scrambled eggs and sausages, toast or cold cereal. Our plan was to have a nice dinner out, then on Friday go up to tour the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. We ate at a place called “Dorn’s Breaker Cafe“.

Needless to say there are sea food restaurants here. We found a nice place within walking distance. Paula had broiled haddock and I had saute’d scallops. I had a tasty martini before dinner and a glass of sauvignon blanc during dinner.

They had a roof top deck set up for evening get togethers. I took a couple of pictures. The sea gull was seemed to be very used to people. I think he was expecting to be fed. There is a huge rock formation out in the harbor. Quite distinctive.

Paula suggested we take a couple of pics of the room. Decor was a pleasant rose color.

Take a look at the links that I added. Most of them have better pictures than I could have taken. Now on to San Simeon.