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Best Buy

September 22, 2019
2019-09-20 13.02.57

New Whirlpool (Oven thermometer on top)

Well it’s been a challenging week. On Monday, we did our weekly grocery shopping. On Tuesday our refrigerator died. So most of the food in the refrigerator was not going to make it past Wednesday.

So on Wednesday, we went shopping for a new refrigerator. The old one was over ten years old. In our mind, not worth fixing.

So our first stop was to Home Depot. Close to our home so seemed like a good place to start. We looked at a few models. We asked the sales person, “When can you deliver?”. Told soonest would be next week. If we wanted to have one of the older floor models could have delivered next day. Nothing there looked like anything that was interesting to us. Delivery issues killed the deal.

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Best Buy Donna

So we left. Only thing that we bought at Home Depot was a bottle of spring water for $2. Next stop was Best Buy in Torrance. The sales person seemed to be more knowledgeable. She explained that there models that were called “counter depth” that had a depth of about 32″. Other models were about 33″ or 34″. We live in a condo with a rather small kitchen. No room for greater than 32″ depth.


Then we had to decide on various configurations. We settled on side by side. Freezer on left, refrigerator on right. Most of the prices were about the same as Home Depot. The model we were looking at was about $1300 (about $1600 when you add in delivery, taxes and water hook up kit).

Paid for it and arranged for Friday morning delivery between 8 AM and 1 PM. On Thursday evening I got text message from Best Buy updating delivery time. Zeroing in on actual time to deliver. They told us between 11 and 1. By noon, we got another text message updating arrival to about 12:15. I flagged down the truck and showed them where to park. I was happy that they kept us apprised of delivery time.

They stripped most of the packing stuff off outside and I proceeded to show them where the elevator was.

Old refrigerator out and new one installed inside about 10-15 minutes including hookup of water for the ice maker. I am one happy Best Buy customer.

Refrigerator Data Center

July 26, 2015

  I don’t know about your home, but at our place the refrigerator is a center of useful and fun information.

First and foremost we keep pictures of our grandkids, both recent and not so recent. There is an occasional newspaper article. 

For example, there is a picture of President Bush speaking with a bull horn at the remains of the twin towers in NYC. Mary put that one up a long time ago. I don’t have the heart to pull it down. It’s gotten brown with age.

  The most recent picture is one of grandson Jonathan with his face painted. How cute is that?

Our refrigerator is loaded with magnetic knick-knacks. Some from well known companies, some from not so well known. Some of them purchased during our many travels. What would we do if the refrigerator makers produced a refrigerator with a non-magnetic surface? It would not be pretty.

We keep current calendars, flyers, tickets and schedules. Info for Lodge, OES, Church and Assistance League. We have bottle openers. One is from the New England School of Bartending. (Given to us by Neil)

We have calendars and more calendars. (Most for the current year) 

The refrigerator is where we put the pay envelope for our housekeeper. She knows that were it will be. She doesn’t even need to ask. It will just be there.

What’s on your refrigerator?