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Lomita Railroad Museum

September 27, 2014

We decided to go visit the Lomita Railroad Museum in beautiful downtown Lomita. The museum is a small affair with one steam locomotive, a couple of cabooses, and tons of railroad memorabilia. Price is $4 for an adult, $2 for children. One can do the museum in less than an hour. It is handicap friendly with the exception of the locomotive. It’s a challenge to get up in the cab. Here’s the link to their website.

You can tour by yourself or ask for a guided tour.

Here are my pictures:

Not exactly a user friendly interface.

Railroads were genesis for a unified, consistent time keeping. Lots of clocks.

Lights, signals, bells, whistles. As the saying goes, “All the bells and whistles”. A pity one couldn’t try out the bells and whistles. I think the neighbors would have something to say about that.

Inside the caboose. Stove, bunks, toilet, water supply. All the creature comforts a man could want.

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