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Another Deep Dive

September 19, 2020

Last week I spent about three days scanning three boxes of slides. Paula’s Dad was always taking pictures, mostly as color 35mm slides. This batch was about 350 slides taken (best I can tell taken in the 1950’s and some in the 1970’s

I have decided to post about a dozen or so. These pictures were of Mt Lassen National Park and other mountains in California and the west. Click or tap on each picture to see the detail.

Harold worked as a high school teacher of biology in Long Beach. In the summer, he worked as a park ranger at Mt Lassen National Park. The Stanley family would head north on the day after school closed for the summer in June. There was no one happier than Harold heading north to Lassen in the summer.

Here’s what the area looked like in June. There was much snow left. The cabin was at Summit Lake where they would live for the summer.

Henry Jones

May 28, 2019

During the past few weeks, Paula has been cleaning out her Mom’s bedroom of the many things that have been saved for many years. One of the more interesting artifacts was an article clipped out of a magazine about a pine marten named Henry Jones.

So when Paula was a young girl, her father would work as a park ranger up in Lassen National Park for each summer. During the rest of the year, Harold would work as a science teacher at a high school in Long Beach. On the day after school closed in June, her family would pack up and head north to Lassen.

So every year they would stay in a log cabin in the park. When Paula was about 8, they befriended a pine marten that her Dad named Henry Jones. Henry Jones would come back every summer for several years.

So there was a tree stump outside their kitchen window of the cabin at Summit Lake where the Stanley family would sit at their kitchen table and watch Henry eat the food that they had left. They also left some watermelon rinds that were popular with the deer in the area.

Why Henry Jones, you might ask? Well, the name Henry Jones came from a popular song from the 1940’s titled “Feed the Bones to Henry Jones, because Henry don’t eat no meat”. Here are the lyrics:

Tonight I’ll serve a supper, 
We’ll eat some food that’s rare. 
And at the head of the table, 
I’ll place brother Henry’s chair-
Invite all the local big dogs,
We’ll laugh and talk and eat, 
But we’ll’ save the bones for Henry Jones, 
‘cause he don’t eat no meat-

Today I’ll go to market- 
and buy a lot of fish, 
That will thrill Brother Henry, 
Because that’s his special dish.- 
Get a large can of molasses,
so we’ll have something sweet, 
But save the bones for Henry Jones, 
“cause he don’t eat no meat.

Henry is not a drinker, 
he rarely takes a nip, 
He don’t need a napkin, 
‘cause the things he eats don’t drip. 
One day we had a banquet, 
It really was a bake, 

They started off with some short ribs,
they finished off with a steak. 
But when the feat was over, 
brother henry just kept his seat, 
and we served the bones to Henry Jones,
‘cause he don’t eat no meat. 
To- he don’t eat no meat.

Songwriters: Daniel Barker / Henry Mccoy Jones / Michael H. Goldsen

The song was performed by Nat King Cole and Johnny Mercer in 1947. Click here to listen to the song on YouTube.
And finally, here is the copy of the article that we found in the bottom of one of Mary’s dresser drawers:
Click the following URL to read the article: Henry Jones

Lassen Volcanic National Park

May 5, 2016



Harold (on right) joining the park service

Time for another dive into the box of old photos stored in Mary’s Storage Locker. We found this gem of Harold signing on to the Park Service.

Back in the early fifties, Paula’s Dad (Harold) started working as a park ranger at Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. Starting in 1952, on the day that school ended in June, Harold and Mary loaded up the 52 Ford, hooked up the trailer and headed north to Lassen.

They did this every summer until about 1972. Harold lived for the day that they would head north for the summer. He always told us that was what kept him sane. He would work at the park until Labor Day when they would head back to civilization.

Harold worked for twenty years at Lassen. After he retired, he received a small Social Security benefit for his time working for the US Park Service. Mary allowed him to put that fund into a separate bank account that he would use to fund all of his trips with the Shriners.

So where exactly is Lassen? Lassen is in Northern California about 75 miles northwest of Reno. Here’s a map to give you an idea where it’s located.

Lassen Map

In 1986, Paula, the boys and I had the chance to visit Lassen with Harold and Mary. We had rented a motor-home for the trip. By the time we made this trip to California, our boys were old pros at air travel.

We took three days to get to Lassen with stops in Bishop and Lake Tahoe. On our trip we drove north on route US-395 which winds north to the east of the Sierras.

When Harold did the trip he usually did it in two days which is a long haul. He would stop in Bakersfield on Saturday night, then he would drive on to Redding on Sunday. Grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon and then up into the park. He would start work on Monday morning.

This trip was our boys introduction to camping. The following year we bought a pop up trailer and a couple years later a full size travel trailer.

So we spent a few days camped at Manzanita Lake. We met up with our friends the Coils and our friend Andrea. We did some hiking and touring. Then we headed west to Eureka, then south to San Francisco. We actually found a campground in San Francisco. We road the cable cars, then flew home from SFO while Harold and Mary drove south to LA.