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Car Chases 101

February 22, 2019

Out here in LA we have a curious phenomenon on our local evening news. Most nights we watch the local news on KTLA. We record on our DVR the hour long local news then we record the National news.

So every once in a while, the local news stations start following a car chase on the freeway from their news chopper. Last night was one of those nights. All you can see is the red lights from the perp’s car and the LA Highway Patrol in pursuit. Most of the time the chase continues until either the perp runs out of gas or gets into a crash. Seeing that is dark, you can’t even see it.

So that’s all they do for the entire broadcast. No local weather, no sports, nothing. It’s not just KTLA. other channels do the same thing. Don’t the stations have anything else to report on than a car chase?

I don’t remember Boston TV stations doing similar foolishness.

I usually give them 5 minutes and then switch the channel to something interesting.

Alleged Local News

March 16, 2015

Every once in a while, our local news stations does something that drives me crazy. (At least the stations that we generally watch, KTLA and KNBC).
 Both stations generally have helicopters with video cameras. Both stations love police chases. Both stations will drop all other coverage of events that are going on in the area and broadcast the chase. This happens all the time.
 I think this sort of thing started back in the 90’s with broadcast of the OJ Simpson chase.
 This past week such an event occurred. The choppers were hovering over the scene. The perp was out of the car and sitting on someone’s front porch with a gun. The LAPD SWAT team was engaged. Yellow tape was deployed. Black and White police cars were deployed blocking access to the streets. Must have been 20 black and whites plus all the SWAT vehicles. (Your tax dollars at work.)
 So what did the guy do? We don’t know. We never found out. KTLA broadcast the entire episode with only two breaks for commercials. If it weren’t for the fact the news was only an hour, the coverage would have lasted until the chopper ran out of gas.
 So no weather, no traffic, no sports (not that I give a whit about the Lakers). Just an hours worth of nothing. Of course the weather doesn’t change much every day. (warm and sunny). Once in a long while there might be some rain (couple of days a year.)
 Luckily it was recorded on our DVR. So I hit the FF button to do the entire broadcast in five minutes.
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