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Pink Flamingos

June 24, 2015

Pink FlamingosIt was with great sadness this morning when I read of the passing of Don Featherstone. Who was Don Featherstone you might ask?

Don Featherstone was the creator of the plastic pink flamingo. Click here for the obit in the NY TImes.

It brings to mind a fund raiser for the youth group at our church a number of years ago. It worked something like this. A flamingo had a ziplock bag tied to its neck with list of names inside the bag. The flamingo would be furtively place on a member’s lawn. The instructions in the bag told you that you’d been flamingo’d by the youth group and add to pay a fine.

Your job was to put on the next person on the list’s lawn without being caught. If you were caught planting the flamingo your fine was doubled. And so it went. The pink flamingo would make its way around town. (mostly at the dark of night)

Perhaps you’d like to buy a pair of flamingos? Not a problem. Head on over to Amazon and the good folks there will be able to fix you up. Click here While you’re at it you can buy some Star Trek Lawn Gnomes over at Click here for the gnomes.

Alas, I now live in a condo and don’t have a front lawn. We do have some common areas of greenery, but our condo association might not take kindly to a pink flamingo planted there.

Mr Featherstone said in an interview that he had to keep all of his flamingos in his back yard. If he put them up front the college kids would keep stealing them.