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Commitment Part Deux

May 19, 2012

Got text msg from real estate agent. She says loan commitment is in. Waiting for actual document. So good news.

Now off to Grand Chapter.


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May 16, 2012

This house selling business is driving us crazy. Yesterday was the deadline for our buyers to get their financing commitment. Didn’t happen. Minor glitch we were told. They need a few more days to get things lined up.

So we had two choices, say yes or no. If we say no, it’s back to the beginning to find another buyer. Not a pleasant thought at this point. So we said yes and gave them until Friday to get the bank/FHA deal done.

During the last 35 years my Mother-in-Law moved about every seven years. To be sure they weren’t moving across the country, but still it must have been a major PITA. My father-in-law (rest his soul) had to be a saint to put up with all this buying and selling of houses.

Anyways, stay tuned. Hopefully we get this thing nailed down on Friday.