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Father’s Day – (in)Action Report

June 22, 2020
Bacon and Eggs

Well, I had a great day. First, I got a call from our son Neil and his wife Laura. We talked for about half an hour. Nice to hear from them.

Then we watched our church’s Sunday online service.

Finally, we headed down to the Pacific Diner to have brunch with our son Mike and his family. Jonathan did the drawing on the top of the post. The drawing goes up on the refrigerator. As usual, I had my bacon and eggs.

Finally, a quiet afternoon. I did a few more Sunday crossword puzzles. It was a wonderful day.

Father’s Day

June 16, 2019

Well tomorrow is Father’s Day. So, I thought I would write about my Dad. My Dad died in early 1968 at the age of 6o something. He died of cardiac arrest.

I have often thought of how far we have come on heart health issues. My dad suffered a heart attack in the mid fifties. Back then, they didn’t have much treatment for heart disease. I don’t know much about what happened seeing as I was 7 or 8.

But I do remember this. My dad asked the doctor how he was going to make upstairs into our home. We lived in two family house in Brighton, MA and we occupied the second floor portion.

So the doctor’s answer was he should take it slow. Say one Hail Mary on each step. That would do it.

So fast forward ten years. He was scheduled for gall bladder surgery. He had excessive bleeding from the surgery and surgeons scheduled him for a return visit to the OR to try to find the source of the bleed. So he arrested on the table in OR. The surgeons revived him but he never regained consciousness and died about eight weeks later. Sigh.

He was a great father and I have always missed him.

In honor of Father’s Day here are a couple of my favorite photos of him.

Dad with his pipe. Sitting in his chair.

Mom and Dad. Berkshires. C 1950

Family Pictures

June 16, 2013

Well, yesterday we all get together to do a family portrait. All four generations all arrived on time at Clix Portrait Studios in Rolling Hills Estates. That was the easy part.

Jonathan was the hard part. Jonathan is about 20 months old and does not feel the need to cooperate with pesky photographers. A very nice young lady did her best to get Jonathan to face front and smile for the camera. She took out all of the toys out of her toy box to try to get him cooperate. Eventually she managed to get a few decent pictures.

One of the things that Jonathan was most interested in was the trash can. The trash can had a swinging lid that seemed to interest him greatly. Somehow we managed to get several decent shots. Digital technology cameras allow us instant ability to review the results of the photo shoot and decide which pictures we would keep.

Here is a picture of Jonathan getting loaded with sunscreen before doing the fountain. Note the trash can in the background that he found so interesting. That boy can squirm.

2013-06-15 12.47.38

Once we were done with the portrait business, time for lunch. First though, Jonathan got to play in the fountain outside the studio. Here’s one of the pictures. He had a wonderful time and got totally soaked.

Here’s the fountain.

2013-06-15 13.21.46

Good thing that Theresa had a change of clothes. His shoes were of the water proof variety.

Then we had lunch at Rubio’s. A nice Mexican fast-food joint in the mall. All in all a fun afternoon for everyone. I will post pictures from the photo-shoot when I get them.

It’s been a wonderful Father’s Day. Being a grandfather is so much fun!