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Father Bill’s Place

November 16, 2013

Okay, Joe, two posts in one day? How can that be? This is for all of my friendly followers.
 If you are anything like me at this time of year, you might be looking where to spend charitable dollars. We are constantly bombarded with US Mail from many charitable outfits.
 I try to find out how much of our donation goes to the actual charity’s operations. High percentage is good, low is bad. Nothing irritates me more than seeing as low as 20% going to operations and the rest to fill the pockets of the CEO.
 One of our favorites is Father Bill’s Place in Quincy, MA. Father Bill provides housing for the homeless. Father Bill is committed to ending and preventing homelessness in the South Shore (Mass) area.
 Click here for the web site.
 Or send a check to:
 Father Bill’s Place
 430 Belmont Street
 Brockton, MA 02301
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Location:Quincy, MA