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Boston Strong

April 22, 2013

It’s been almost a week since the bombing. I still keep thinking about the events of the last few days. News out here in LA is beginning to quiet down. News of the bombing still is in the local news, but not as much as a few days ago. The pieces on the bombing doesn’t lead the news. More stories of fires in Monrovia.

Before long, we’ll be back to KTLA running pictures from news choppers watching LAPD chasing cars along the freeway or news that it is raining. I really can’t stand watching the local news here.

I had to make a choice this morning whether to watch baseball or go to church. Going to church won. Paula would kill me. Besides we meet up with Mike and family and have lunch at the Pacific Diner. People out here don’t understand what it’s like to be from Boston.

I didn’t get to watch the game on Saturday, but I did see the highlights including the clip of Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline”. It made me feel so good, plus the clip of Big Papi with his expletive deleted was wicked awesome.

We watched the “60 Minutes” episode that consisted of a piece on the bombing investigation (interview with Ed Davis, Boston Police Commish), training of bomb sniffing dogs, and a piece on the 9/11 museum, (Scheduled to open at ground zero next year.) Here’s the pointer to the “60 Minutes” video.

One of the things that makes my life out here in LA bearable is my (besides my sweet wife Paula) is the news media that I get to read every morning on my iPad. Typically, I read the NY Times and the Boston Globe. Sometimes, I look at the LA Times (not very often though). Most of the time I would read the Times first and Globe second. This week it’s been the other way round. Globe first.

BTW, I’m going to have to get one of those “Boston Strong” T’s or caps. I wear my dirty green Red Sox hat with a feeling of pride for Boston and all of the wonderful people that still live there. I wish I could be there to be at Fenway.

Enough for now.

Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013

I know what the finish line of the marathon is like. I’ve never run the marathon and most likely never will. But, I’ve been at the finish line many times. Most recently ten years ago when our son Mike ran Boston for the third and final time.

The New York Times wrote an editorial this afternoon that captures a part of how I feel.

A marathon is the most unifying of sporting events. The city that shows up to cheer on thousands of runners doesn’t really know or care much about who wins; there are no sides to root for or against. Those who stand on the sidelines — as they have done in Boston since 1897 — come to celebrate runners from around the world. The country or neighborhood of origin of the competitors matters far less than their stamina.

Click here for the entire piece.

I live on the west coast, but Boston is in my DNA. I can’t feel anything but hurt when I read about this tragedy. All of my extended family and friends in the Boston area are safe. But I have trouble getting the picture of the 8 year old boy from Dorchester or the 29 year old woman from Medford out of my mind. May they rest in peace.

Here’s hoping the the police find the perp and put him away for a long long time. BTW, the New York Yankees will be playing “Sweet Caroline” after the third inning. Class act. [Note: for folks not from Boston: “Sweet Caroline” is always played in the eighth inning at Fenway.]