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Sock and a Sock, Shoe and a Shoe

November 20, 2013

This morning while I was waiting for my darling wife Paula to get ready for the day I observed her putting on her socks and shoes. So she put on one sock and then one shoe, then repeat the process for the other foot. Now told her in no uncertain terms that this was so wrong. Any enlightened individual knows that one should put one sock, then the other sock, then the shoes.

So that brought back the memory of the routine done on the TV show “All in the Family” back in the 70’s where Meathead (played by Rob Reiner) and Archie (played by Carroll O’Connor) have a heated discussion on which is the correct way to put on one’s socks and shoes.

So (with thanks to Youtube) here is the clip from All in the Family

So dear readers, what do you think is the right way to put on your socks and shoes? Here is a poll to answer once and for all time this important question. I will update everyone in a week or two with the results of the poll.