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2013 Red Sox

July 26, 2014

Today was the day that I officially gave up on the 2014 Boston Red Sox. You see I get a monthly subscription to MLB.TV so that I can watch Red Sox games on my iPad or PC out here in Los Angeles. It costs me $25 a month. So I get the subscription through iTunes and it auto-renews every month on the 25th unless I decide to put the end to the pain.

I suppose I could start rooting for the LA Dodgers, but I can’t watch Dodger’s games on MLB.TV unless I am out of the area.

There was a little hope with a winning streak of several games. The Red Sox had clawed their way up to 7 games behind the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East. Then the Red Sox dropped three straight games to the Toronto Blue Jays putting them solidly in last place 9 1/2 games behind the O’s.

So the trading deadline is July 31 and I seriously doubt that the Red Sox will be buyers this time around, Luckily for Red Sox fans, that the Yankees suck too.

Red Sox vs Oakland 7-12-13

July 13, 2013

Last night was the first time in a while that I had the time to sit down and score an entire game. This was partly due it being a west coast game with start time of 7:00pm local time and the fact that Paula and her mother were out at an OES meeting. So I had the TV all to myself.

John Lackey was on the mound for the Red Sox. Lackey is really looking so much better this year. Looks like he has slimmed down a good bit. Seven strong innings with 5 strike-outs but 4 BB’s.

Mike Napoli went 2 for 4 with a single and a triple. Dustin Pedroia also 2 for 4 with two singles.

Defense was looking good. The Sox turned three double plays with one particularly sharp play started by Pedroia in the 5th inning.

This road trip is turning into a pretty good trip for the sox especially after a disappointing start against the Angels.

Game was played at the coliseum in Oakland. What is “”?

Here’s the pointer to the scorecard:  Bos vs Oak 07-12-2013

Red Sox vs Indians 4-18-2013

April 19, 2013

Well this concludes the sweep of Terry Francona’s Cleveland Indians. Three good solid games. Good solid pitching. Red Sox were just better. This is the first game that i have had the time to score. I didn’t get the actual pitch counts on the last inning and half. Internet performance was getting to suck. MLBTV was dropping in and out.

I scored the game on Patriots’ Day but decided not to post due the bombing.

Good to hear that other teams including Yankees were playing “Sweet Caroline”. Very cool.

So here is the score card.

Bos vs Cle 04-18-2013

Rays vs Red Sox 4-14-2013

April 14, 2013

Great game by Clay Bucholz. 8 innings pitched. 2 hits, no runs. Here’s the score card.

I will score tomorrow’s game. Will have to be up early. Starts at 0800 PDT.

Rays vs Red Sox 4-14-2-2013

Baseball Red Sox vs Orioles 4-8-2013

April 10, 2013

As many of you know, the Major League Baseball season has started. Many of you also know that I am fervent Boston Red Sox fan. I like to keep score of the games that I have time to watch. It keeps me in to the game. I learned baseball scoring methods as a young boy from my father and brothers. Back in the day, we didn’t have any fancy scoring tools that exist today. We just had a score sheet drawn on a white lined piece of paper. I use an app on my iPad called Pointstreak.

I thought I would explain basic scoring but I found a site that does a good job of explaining scoring. See

So here is the score card for Monday’s home opener for the Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles.

Sox v Bal 4-8-2013