Well we had a wonderful weekend up in San Francisco last week. It was so nice to get away from the stress of caring for Mary. We arranged for the good folks from CarenetLA to take care of Mary while we were gone. We arrived back in San Pedro at about 7:30 pm on Monday.

Just before we left Mary told us that she would be more comfortable with someone there all night. Argggggh, So I talked with the scheduler at Carenet and she managed to arrange the staffing for most of the weekend. It can get expensive, but anywhere close to what a nursing home would cost. Last time I checked, it was in the neighborhood of $10K per month. Ouch.

So, we think that Mary’s intestines are beginning to heal. We have a feeling the the diarrhea was related to the anti-fungal med that she was taking. We have started getting Mary to eat a lot of yogurt. The thing is we were trying to give her plain yogurt. She was not a happy camper on that, so we broke down and got some fruit flavored yogurt.

So now all we have to do is get her to build up her strength. We are planning on going to see the “Dead Sea Scrolls” exhibit at the California Science Center next week. We asked Mary if she would like to come. But we told her that we would need to get her a wheel chair. She said that she was not interested. Sometimes she can be very vain. She doesn’t want to be seen in public in a wheel chair.

Last week she had a pain in her left shoulder. This was the shoulder that she had surgery back in January 2014. So we made an appointment with the orthopedic Doc. He had her move her arm and squeeze his hand. So he scheduled X-rays. X-rays were negative.

She was mad because he didn’t do anything to make the pain go away. Looks the pain is easing somewhat with time.

Tomorrow, we have a visit with her hairdresser (Rose).

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