Mickey D’s

This will be just a short post. Paula took Mary out to get her hair done this morning. This is the first time in a long while that she has felt well enough to go out for anything other than a Dr’s appt.

So, I received a text from Paula around noon asking if she could get me a burger at McDonald’s. I not being one to refuse a free lunch (Mary was paying). said yes. So I told her to get a Quarter-pounder with cheese. So Mary is feeling good enough to go to McDonald s. Let’s see if she manages to digest it properly. If so, we can declare her cured.

So now I remember why I don’t go to McDonald’s. (I haven’t been to a McDonald’s in twenty years.) Their hamburgers suck. I received a piece of meat, slice of cheese, a squirt of ketchup and two pickles on a bun. The meat was probably cooked at dawn and zapped in the microwave.

If I want to have a fast food burger, I would much prefer going to In-n-Out burger. Fresh cooked patty, tomato, lettuce, and onion. It’s a pity that my East Coast friends don’t have In-n-Out in their neighborhood.

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