Last night we decided to take Mary to the urgent care in Torrance. I walked her down to the garage while Paula got the car. Loaded her up and buckled her in and off they went. Our choice was urgent care (open until 8pm) or the ER.

We figured that she wasn’t sick enough for the ER and that would make for a very long evening. It turns out that her Primary Doc was the doctor on duty at the urgent care clinic, which was a good thing. So Paula took off for the urgent care and arrived in plenty of time.

So they did X-rays. No broken bones. She had a nasty looking bruise on her thigh. Doc thought it probably from the first fall in the bath room. So he prescribed some pain killers for her and sent her home. Her primary doctor was very patient with her. We really like him.

Paula and Mary finally got home at about 9pm and we had a light dinner. We then tried to encourage Mary to take a bath. We finally convinced her to do it. We wanted her to soak her feet after having toe nails removed earlier in the week.

So they’re off this moring for Mary to get her hair done. She is still fussing about the pain.

Sometimes in providing care, we need to be combination mother hen and drill sargent. If we would let her, she would stay in bed 23.5 hours a day. The metaphor “good cop/bad cop” also comes to mind.

As Vince Flynn (author of American Assassin) said: “If you’re not busy living, you’re dying.” Bob Dylan said something similar in one of his songs.

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