Mary receives a ton of political advertising mail. Even Harold still receives political mail, even though Harold died in 2009. 99% of the mail goes right into the trash can in the mail room. She made the mistake of sending them some money a few times. Now they think they a have a live one.

BTW,  just to be fair, I throw the Democratic Party stuff in the trash too. It’s just that we don’t get nearly as much stuff from the Democrats than the Republicans.

So yesterday, I had to go down to the main Post Office in San Pedro to pick up a registered mail item from the National Republican Committee. What a PITA. Why would they spend $3.84 to send a piece of mail to Mary? Of course, I think I know the answer. They want to get  her to open the mail and read it. And of course, to send them money. 

Well they succeeded (at least the first part). She did look at it. She asked Paula what youtube was. The contents was just your usual fundraising BS. So just to pay them back for the inconvenience of having to go to the Post Office. I think I will stuff some Hillary fliers in the post-paid envelope and send it back. Seems fair to me.

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