And the beat goes on. No new news, just more of the same. I asked her last night whether or not she would be going to the YMCA today. Oh definitely she says. That was then, now is now. She gets up at about 9 am, I ask again, YMCA? No, I don’t think so, my back hurts.

Yesterday, at noon she asks if she can have another pain pill. No we say, you just had one at 10:30 am. Every six hours. This morning she sees an ad in the newspaper for some sort of magic belt that will end all of your back pain. Paula tells here to clip it out and we will ask Dr T at your follow-up appointment next week. We, of course, know the answer. It will be no of course, but she won’t accept that from us. Or we just forget about it and she will not remember it next week.

Just for fun, I looked up the product on [And no, I am not giving the URL to the product, no free advertising from me.] Of course, you can buy one on Amazon. Remember the days when the only thing you could buy from Amazon was books? So, I found it of course and I went right to the reviews. There were a few five star reviews but mostly one star reviews. I figure that the five star reviews are mostly shills. The one star reviews say save your money.

I think sometimes that she is looking for some magic pill that will turn back to clock a couple of years. She keeps up her hope with words like “When I get better” or “When I start driving again”. We just nod and agree, But we know that’s not happening.

Anyway, it’s been a few weeks since she has been to the Y. For that matter, she hasn’t been making it to church or Bible study. We try to get her up and moving. We try to tell her that laying in bed all day isn’t doing you any good.

The down side is that whenever we go to these events, we have to answer the questions “How’s Mary doing?” The answer is mostly the same only weaker.

She did make it to Shawn and Dena’s wedding reception at LA Harbor Lodge. One glass of wine for her. Mike and Theresa will be over for dinner tonight. Mary will get to see the grand-kids. That will perk her up.

We’ll see whether or not she goes to Bible study tomorrow. I wouldn’t bet on it.



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