Mary update

Today is Monday. On Monday we try to go over calendars. So we are sitting at the kitchen table. Mary and Paula have their hard copy calendars and I have the calendar on my iPad. We try to do this every week in order to keep Mary tuned into the world around her. We try to only do one week at a time. It is useless to talk about something that is scheduled a month from now. Mary dutifully writes down the events that we tell her. Of course, by tomorrow, she will remember little of the details.

Sometimes Mary has trouble figuring out what day it is. We have all the hints available, the newspaper, the calendar, etc,

So it starts out like this. Monday, Alicia (our cleaning lady) comes to clean. Tuesday and Thursday, we take her to the Y for exercise. Wednesday, we have Bible study. Occasionally, we have doctor’s appointments, but not this week.

Also, most Tuesdays, Mike, Theresa and family come over for dinner. Theresa will be coming this week, but not Mike. Mike is in Colorado Springs doing an USAF course.

Sometimes, Mary looks so confused. Kind of at sea. We try ever so much not to be angry at her. Mary asks us to talk about the first week in February. Paula gives her the info knowing that we will need to repeat it next week.

So it now has been eight months since her accident up in Utah. She has recovered pretty well considering. We haven’t had any new falls to deal with. The trips to the Y seem to be helpful. On the way to the exercise room we pass the child care room. Mary ALWAYS wants to stop for a minute or two to watch the children playing.

And finally, to our friends back east, stay safe and warm.



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