Flip Flopping Along

Well, here we are the day before the day before Christmas trying to finish up shopping and wrapping presents.
 So a couple of days ago, Mary told us that she was feeling down about Christmas. So what was the problem, we asked. This is what she told us. In years past Harold and Mary would travel out toward Palm Springs. They would stop at the Hadley Orchards Outlet and order gift baskets to be shipped to relatives and friends.

We would often receive a two pound box of dates. It didn’t matter that I didn’t particularly care for dates. So for the last few years after Harold died, she didn’t get to do this.
 So we suggested that we could order online from the Hadley web site. We told Mary that this would be an all day affair. It would take at least 2.5 to 3 hours each way. Mary doesn’t understand buying stuff on the internet.
 So on Monday, we were about to bite the bullet and take her out to Hadley and get it done. Can you tell me who you want to send packages to? I ask. She says she will have to look at her address book to make a list. So she can’t remember the names. I sort of know who she is thinking about sending to. But I can’t quite get her to tell me. Just give me the names, I say. I can get the addresses.
 So when we were eating dinner on Monday, she says that she doesn’t really want to go. Okay, we say. Done. But no, Tuesday morning at 10 AM she gets up and says she wants to go. But you told us last night that you decided not to go. I didn’t say that she says. Yes you did, we say. If we thought you still wanted to go, we would have wakened you up a lot earlier
 So I am thinking that maybe, I need to keep a log book to document each decision and have her sign off on it. Nah, that won’t work.
 So my point is (I do have a point). How do I get her decisions documented so that when she changes her mind and deny that she ever said something.
 By the way, last night was “date night”. We went to see “Wild”. More in the next post.
 And tomorrow, we will be taking care of Jonathan. We’ll be making Christmas Cookies. Should be fun.
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