Every day is a struggle. We continue to try to keep it together. Mary’s memory continues to fail.

This evening we were having dinner and discussing our plans for a picnic on Saturday. We always try to be inclusive with Mary. We tell her of our plans and ask her would she like to go.

We are planning to meet with our long time friend Roberta who will be taking the train from San Diego up to Anaheim. We told Mary that we would pick Roberta up at the train station at Angel’s Stadium and go to a local park in Orange to meet up with Mike and family.

Mary asks us “Do I know Roberta?”. We tell her we should hope so. She was Paula’s maid of honor at our wedding and friend of Paula since her days at UC Davis. Blank stare. She was at Harold’s funeral in 2009. Nothing.

Were Harold and I at the wedding? Yes, let me show you a picture.

2014-08-13 20.20.05


Well she recognized the picture, but had no remembrance of the event. I thought that only her short term memory was failing, but from this event it seems clear that her long term memory is also failing. Picture was taken in October, 1978. Sigh.

She probably won’t come to the picnic. She is worried about the rough surfaces and possibility of falling. Fair enough, we understand.

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One Comment on “Mary”

  1. Rich Bowker Says:

    This is Mary.

    What a fantastic wedding that was. Paula looks like Mary Tyler Moore.

    I thought long term memory was the last to go, that’s why older folks are always talking about the good old days.

    Do you have any kind of sitter for her? Would that be confusing for her?

    Rich is 64 tom’w. I wish the kids were here.



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