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So we took Mary to church on Sunday. Our plan was to take her to church and  then after church take her back to Regency Palms for their monthly brunch. We managed to get a decent HP parking spot, so she didn’t have to walk very far to get to the elevator.

So everyone was happy to see her. She will smile at you and say hello. But she doesn’t remember anyone. No one. She kind of nodded off a couple of times during the service.

Pastor Jacques greeted her warmly after the service, but she doesn’t remember him. In fact as we drove over to Long Beach, Paula asked her if she enjoyed the church service? Five minutes after we left the church, she had forgotten the whole thing.

Doing the brunch was easier than going to the diner after church because she doesn’t have to decide what to have from the menu. She would stare at menu for 30 minutes until we ordered for her (like a banana waffle or something).

So we got her seated and got her some coffee and some breakfast (French toast and some breakfast sausages). She eats very, very slowly. She can’t carry on a conversation and can usually only answer yes/no types of questions.

As of right now, we don’t take her to OES meetings at night, because the front desk closes down at 7 or 8 pm. And so getting back inside is a challenge. We will only take her out at night if it is an emergency (like a trip to ER). But that usually involves a EMT’s and ambulance.

We probably won’t be taking her out to church again. It’s a struggle to get her their and she just doesn’t remember anything about what happened. If you would like to visit, let us know and we will set it up for you. Pastor Jacques and his wife have been over visit several times.

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