2 More Weeks

2018-06-22 12.21.46Two more weeks to go. Nine treatments. I get the 4th of July off for good behavior. We’ll probably go to lodge for a cook out and watch the fireworks over LA Harbor.

So this post is going to be a little bit about Mary. She continues her long descent into the abyss. She remembers nothing. I told Paula that I wish that Mary could at least once say to me, “How did your radiation treatments go today?. But she can’t, sigh.

On Friday, she asked Paula, “How did your day go?”. You see, Paula spent most of the day with Mary to take her for her hair appointment at the beauty shop and the ice cream place to get her a chocolate shake. (Frappe for you guys in Mass.)

Last week Thursday was cancelled due to all of the machines being down. So they added one additional day to my schedule. I’ve noticed some hair loss around my left cheek and under my left ear. I was just standing under my hot shower the other morning when I noticed that there wasn’t the usual morning stubble on my left cheek.

Doctor gave me a Rx for some sulfa cream for the infection under my left ear. Seems to be improving.

So today is date day. We went to the grocery store for shopping. Got my usual Starbuck’s iced coffee with a chocolate croissant. Very tasty. As I’ve said before, chocolate is one of the few things that still taste good.

We’re going out to the movies tonight to see “Solo”. Then tomorrow church, diner, crossword puzzles, etc. Then on Monday, back on the merry-go-round.



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4 Comments on “2 More Weeks”

  1. Jan Treuting Says:

    Joe, I’m at Dad’s today and we have been reading some of your blogs. First, I am happy to see that you still have your humor and are keeping a positive attitude! This is so much a part of your recovery and well being. I am now a two time cancer survivor and I plan to be around for a long time. While I’m here, I hope to be positive and live a life serving others and thanking and trusting that God will lead the way.
    I noticed you end with TTFN. Please enlighten me as to what that acronym is. My friend Brenda has one she uses ever since her husband Wayne went through life saving stem cell treatments. It is KTF: KEEP THE FAITH! So, I leave you with that, my friend.
    Jan Gafford Treuting

  2. joebowker Says:

    TTFN = Ta Ta For Now

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