I picked up Mary’s tax return today from her accountant. I’m glad that’s done for the year.

Here’s my process. Gather all of the W2’s and 1099’s from her investments and then take them to her accountant. I could probably do it myself on Turbotax but why would I want to endure the pain.

So a day or so after I drop off the paperwork, I get an email from him telling me what I’m missing. A couple of 1099’s were late. Waited for a couple of weeks and then dropped the rest of them. It’s a little bit complicated because she had investments with about a dozen brokerages.

I increased the withholding on her pension last year so that she didn’t have to pay so much with the return. Indeed, she will be getting a refund from both the IRS and California. So all I had to do tonight was get her to sign the forms.

I took a few minutes to try and explain the high points of her return. gross income, deductions, taxes etc. She had that deer in the headlights look. So I tell her trust me, we have this under control. I ask her if she remembers her accountant, Paul. Nope, not a clue.

Well anyways that’s done for another year.

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  1. L GAFFORD Says:

    thank you very much-lhg


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