Paula’s Bike

So back in 2012 when Paula and I moved to California, one of the things that got shipped was Paula’s bike. Shortly after we arrived we took the bike to a local bike shop to get it tuned up and to buy a lock. The condo association forbids storing bikes on your patio deck. They provide bike racks in several places in the garage in the basement of the building.

So we got a lock and secured the bike to the rack. We placed the lock through the rear wheel. Our thinking was that if we secured the front wheel, then a thief could just take the whole bike minus the front wheel.

So a couple of months went by and sure enough someone stole the front wheel. We never got around to buying another wheel so the bike just sat there with out a front wheel. And then not much later someone decided that they needed a seat more than we did. So now we had a bike minus front wheel and seat. Sigh.

So fast forward to today. I go down to the garage to get in my Jeep (or as my grandson Jonathan calls it “the Jeep truck”. So now the bike frame is gone. All that is left is the rear wheel securely attached to the bike rack. I think I will leave the wheel there as a subtle warning to folks planning to secure their bike there.

2017-03-16 12.53.46

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