2016-12-13-11-00-40Once last letter about Mary before Christmas.Today was a busy day. On the docket was the Assistance League Christmas Luncheon at Michael’s Tuscany Room in San Pedro. Up late last night working on Paula’s agenda for the event. Then when I was about to print the thing, I found that I was out of paper. All I could find was a package of fancy paper. It would have to do. Finally got to bed.

I had my alarm set for 0600 to get Paula and I up and ready. Mary had an appointment to get her hair done at 0830. So I get up and head for the bathroom to take my morning meds and relieve myself. The light in Mary’s room was on. WTF? We had early hair appointment because Paula had to be at the restaurant at 1000. It seems that she had got up earlier and got dressed and went back to bed. How much earlier, I do not know.

My job was to go to the local Costco in Torrance and pick up the two sheet cakes that Paula had ordered last week. I also picked up a couple of bottles of Bombay Sapphire Gin and some computer paper while I was at it. It turns out that getting to Costco 15 minutes before opening is a good thing. You get a decent parking space.

Well, Paula got her to the restaurant on time. Got her to the ladies’ room to do her business. Then got her seated. Then Paula got her a glass of White Zinfandel. All is well. One of the ladies across the table offered me a glass of wine from their bottle of Chardonnay. Why certainly I said. Nice way to ease the stress of the morning. Nice meal. I had some salmon. Very tasty. They had some tasty bruschetta for an appetizer. Also, tasty. We try to ask her if she had a good time. Apparently, this time she did. She saw some people that she knew.

I had to leave at 1:30 pm to go to my dentist appt to get my teeth scraped. So I missed the entertainment. We both pulled into the garage at about the same time. Enough fun for today. Sleep late tomorrow.


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    thanks for the updates. I really do appreciate the news. lh gafford


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