Time for an update on Mary. No falls of late. We have been insisting on her using the walker. The walker has made a world of difference. She has been doing physical therapy twice a week. Sometimes, she tries to blow it off, complaining of dizziness. Most of the time we insist that she go. “It’s for your own good” and “We made an appointment for you”, etc.

The dementia continues to slowly get worse. Sometimes she will say something that is totally incongruous. For instance, a couple of months ago, she asked us if the lodge building was new? No we said, the building has been here for about 50 years.

She no longer goes to church on Sunday or the Bible study on Wednesday morning. We try our best to persuade her to go, but to no avail. She usually uses her dizziness as her excuse. But she will get up, get dressed and go to the hair salon to get her washed and set. Go figure. We try to make sure that one of us stays here with her. So that means that only one of us goes to church. Paula does Sunday and I do the Wednesday meeting. We don’t even think about having enough time to go out to the movies.

Most days, she gets up around 9 AM and has her usual breakfast of instant oatmeal with blueberries on top and coffee. Once she finishes she gets up and goes back to bed and sleeps all day until we wake her to watch the evening news. Today was different. Theresa had dropped off Jonathan and Sarah while she went to her choir rehearsal. Mary wouldn’t ever go back to bed if the grand kids were in the house. She wouldn’t miss that for the world.

Today we are watching our grandkids for Mike & Theresa. So we were all out side for a walk around our court yard. We normally have a very nice courtyard around our condo facility. But last week, they started ripping out part of the planter. The plan is to replace existing plants with some stuff that is drought resistant. (ie. requires less water for irrigation)

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