Time for an update. Overall, Mary is doing pretty good. But her memory is failing badly. I have started writing on a post-it  note the day of the week and the day’s activities. Then I put it on the dining room table where she can see it. She seems to like my system. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just think about today.

On Saturday, Paula and I went over to our storage locker to work on cleaning it out. It seems that Harold and Mary never threw anything out. We filtered through about half a dozen boxes, trying to decide to keep or toss. I found bank statements and receipts from 1980’s and 1990’s. Don’t need to keep that. We found a box with real estate transactions covering about thirty years. Decided to keep that. Lots of old billing statements and papers were tossed. So we ended up with four boxes and two bags full of trash.

We need to take the trash back to our condo because there is no trash facility at storage facility.


Harold & Mary’s Wedding picture c. 1947

Here’s one of the treasures that we found. Paula thinks that it is Mary’s wedding picture. One thing about it is that it was colorized or tinted in some fashion, which was unusual for the time. We showed it to Mary and asked her if she recognized the two people in the picture. She said that she didn’t.

Eventually she came to realize that it was her in the picture, but had trouble remembering what Harold looked like as a young man. (He would have been in his late twenties in the picture.) I don’t remember ever seeing a picture of Harold when he didn’t have gray hair. The picture was still in its frame. It now sits in a place of honor on top of our piano.

So slowly but surely we work through the stuff. There are a boxes of dishes, paintings, throw rugs and other stuff that we haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet. Too good to throw out and no place to put it in our condo. We have boxes of books. We have two sets of golf clubs (probably men’s and woman’s). Anyone looking for a set of golf clubs?




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2 Comments on “Mary”

  1. Lyster Gafford Says:

    joe-I thank you for the posts from cal.I tried to call but no luck. Please send the phone number that will work. If you wouldn’t mind boxing and sending, I would like to have the old golf clubs. I will reimburse the shipping costs of course. Jack G. Address: 201 Tulsa Ave. Houma, La. 70360

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