Time for an update. Mary has had a tough week but she seems to be bouncing back from hole she was in at the beginning of the week. She didn’t want to go to church on Sunday or Bible study on Wednesday. No YMCA on Tuesday or Thursday, either. Her back pain seems to be easing somewhat.

Paula took her for a walk a couple of days ago. The walk was in our inner courtyard (see the picture). This is handy because if she gets tired she can sit and rest on the wall. So she got as far as the elevator. (about 20 yards up and 20 yards back) at the first break in the wall in the picture.) She had to sit and rest four times during the course of that outing.

So today, she felt good enough to get her hair done at Rose’s in San Pedro. Paula was bummed that there was little gossip to be had. I mean really what does one go to your hairdresser than to get up on the latest gossiip? Certainly not to get your hair done :<) Tomorrow will be a quiet day. Paula and I will do grocery shopping. It’s kind of sad that our time alone together is when we get to go grocery shopping. Hopefully Mary will feel up for going to church on Sunday.

In other news, I received a new cable modem from Time Warner. My internet download speeds was beginning to suck big time. Performance is much better. Thank you TWC.

Time to put away the mother hen persona and get out the drill seargent to get her up, dressed and moving.



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