Update on Mary

It’s a pleasant day here in sunny, warm Southern California. I am enjoying some quiet time to myself while Paula is off taking Mary to get bloods drawn. This is in preparation for her appointment with her primary care doc next week. It has been a challenge to get her to primary care doc for routine physical. So Paula just made the appointment and told her we’re going. After she gets the blood drawn, Paula will take Mary to get her hair done at Rosemarie’s in San Pedro. Rose has a thriving business taking car of the old ladies. Mostly wash and set. Then lunch at El Pollo Loco. (One of Mary’s favorite lunch spots.)
 So yesterday Mary received a letter from her brother Jack in Houma, LA. Mary was thrilled to receive the letter. Now if we can just get Mary to reciprocate. That will be a challenge. I learned in the letter that Jack reads this blog, which is a good thing. I expect that either Jan or Julie are printing each post and giving it to Jack to read.
 Mary has told us that she would like to get back to Houma to visit with Jack. She was unable to travel for Jack’s wife Donna’s funeral this past June. So Paula and I have been talking about how to make it happen. Mary certainly can’t do it alone. So Paula will probably be going with her. We will probably do the trip some time in the Spring when the weather is a bit warmer in Houma. I’m thinking April-ish. Maybe we can get Jack and Mary actually to talk on the phone.
 Mary has started going back to the YMCA in San Pedro. They have a program called Beyond-Rehab. It aims at people looking for trying to get back into an exercise program after serious injury. They have a nurse and therapist available twice a week. The staff keeps watch over the users to make sure that they don’t get re-injured. This was one of our big concerns. So Mary is going twice a week. Sometimes she overdoes things and sleeps/rests the rest of the day.
 So January 24 is her 91st birthday. We haven’t figured out how to celebrate. Perhaps a cake at Wednesday Bible study. We’ll drop a dime on Pastor Jacques to make sure that he knows. We’ll do a verse of “Happy Birthday” on the piano.
 So thats about it from here. I was told by Paula to put away the Christmas tree. Better get on it.
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