Mary update

Time for an update on Mary. It’s been about a week and a half since we arrived back in San Pedro.
 First a word about the trip. We got Mary loaded in to the rental car at Jordan Medical Center and headed on up the road to SLC International. I can’t say enough good things about Delta Airlines and the support staff at both SLC and LAX. I dropped Mary and Paula at the Sky Cap station. The Sky Cap got a chair for Mary while we waited for the wheel chair to arrive. Then I headed off to drop off the rental car. The wheel chair attendants at both SLC and LAX were patient with Mary. They made sure that she had an opportunity to use the bathroom. They got us on to the 737 ahead of the rest of the crowd.
 One of the reasons we chose Delta rather than American was American flies commuter jets from LAX-SLC while Delta flies either 737 or 757. We figured 737 or 757 would be a lot easier to board. We booked our seats in first class. It wasn’t all that more expensive and it was worth it. Mary didn’t ask how much it cost and I didn’t tell her. Gin and tonic as soon as I sat down in my seat 2B. I could get used to that.
 Mary is getting comfortable with using the walker. We’ve cleared out some of the junk in her bathroom so that all of the trip hazards are gone.
 We took her to both OceanView Sr. Bible study on Wednesday and church services on Sunday. Everyone was happy to see her.
 On Tuesday, Mike, Theresa and Jonathan were over for the usual Tuesday dinner. She looks forward to Tuesday family dinners, especially to a visit with great-grandson Jonathan. Beef stew. Mary has been raving on how good it was.
 Sometimes, food can be a challenge. I never quite know what she’s going to like or not like.
 This morning while Paula is working at the Assistance League Gift shop, we went for a short walk around the condo. It’s a pleasant sunny 80 degrees.

Paula will likely take her tomorrow to see Rosemarie for a hair wash and set.
 We will probably be going to some OES functions this weekend. Receptions, meetings, etc. Usually Mary decides on the day of the event. In sports talk, it’s a game time decision. We try to go over our calendars to keep her aware about our activities. She has trouble remembering stuff, so getting her to write it down in her calendar helps.
 For now, any travel is off the radar. We try to keep someone at home all the time. Paula and I managed to get out to an OES meeting on Monday, leaving Mary home alone. As time goes on we will feel more comfortable with leaving her alone. We have California Grand Chapter in late September. We’d like to go to see Roger N. installed as WGP, but we’ll just wait and see.
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