Good News, Bad News

Okay, let’s get the good news out of the way first. Mary is doing fine. We took her with us to Ocean View Bible study this morning. She had a little bit of trouble getting into the Jeep. But she managed. Jonathan and his family came over for dinner last night. That always cheers her up. Jonathan saw the ice cream scoop on the counter. And he let us know that he knew what it was for.

Now for the bad news. We heard from a friend that our investment/financial adviser, Rodney Thomas at Morgan Stanley died suddenly yesterday of a heart attack. Another friend had recommended us to Rodney back when I had been laid off from HP/DEC/Compaq in 2008. Rodney is one of the main reasons that we are living comfortably in retirement. He will be missed.

The second bit of bad news is that our tenants at our condo at Tenney Mountain will not be renewing in August. We had thought that they would be staying another year. So now we have to either find new tenant(s) or put the condo back on the market. Here’s hoping that the RE market in New Hampshire has recovered enough so that we can sell the condo without losing our shirts. I expect to hear back from our RE agents soon. Renting the unit is at best a break even proposition. Anyone, looking for a nice 2BR condo in Plymouth, NH let me know.


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