One Long Bad Day

Yesterday, was one long damn day. We drove 435 miles and arrived in West Jordan Utah. Downhill from there.
 We checked into our hotel and unloaded all of our luggage. Then we went over to Neil’s house. We had a while to wait. Dawn was at the airport picking up her parents. Mary was having her usual glass of White Zin wine. She got up to go to the bathroom.
 The bathroom is a small half bath. After she stood up she was trying to straighten up the rug that was somewhat askew. Well she took a fall. We got her up and sat her in a chair with wheels and tried to assess the situation.
 She was in a lot of pain, so we called the EMT’s. She was transported to a local ER, where they did X-rays and gave her pain meds. The diagnosis was a fractured left hip.
 So then we waited. The orthopedic surgeon was called. ER decided to admit her and ortho would talk with us this morning. Probably surgery sometime this afternoon or evening.
 Mary is conscious (never lost consciousness) but very groggy from the pain meds. So we have many questions for the surgeon and hospital. Clearly Mary won’t be able to travel any time soon. We need to figure out how long we will stay up here in Utah. We both only packed meds for a week.
 As always prayers are welcome. We will be busy this morning calling her family in Texas and Louisiana. Last night I was busy texting family.
 We finally got back to our hotel at 1:30am and to bed.
 Update later.
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Location:W Center Park Dr,West Jordan,United States

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2 Comments on “One Long Bad Day”

  1. Roberta Roy Says:

    Dear Joe and Paula,
    I am so sorry to hear about Mary’s fall. Not good.
    If there’s a way I can get into your home, I am willing to drive to San Pedro and get some things for you, including medications. Please let me know if I can help.
    Love Berta

  2. Best of luck to Mary (and you guys).

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