2 Year Anniversary

This is my 200th blog post on calherewecome and the 2 year anniversary. Actually, I’m a little bit late on the date. I actually created the blog on May 15, 2012. But who’s counting.

One of my goals for doing the blogs was to create a place that I could use to share my life after retirement. It was (and still is) my goal to be able to reach people who don’t do Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook, but it tends to be a black hole were your memories go to die. Try and find something you did or said from 2-3 years ago.

Facebook posts tend to be short. I was looking for something longer like 1 or 2 pages in length.

At first I thought it would be for many of my friends and acquaintances from around the country. But I found that there were people that I didn’t know were reading my blog. Wow.

So take a minute and go back and read some of the posts.

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